OUM Science Assingment Help With Solution

OUM Science Assingment Help With Solution

a) A kilogram of water at 20 ºC is placed in the freezer and its temperature is brought to 0 ºC.
Given: Specific heat of water = 4190 J/kgK;
Latent heat of fusion of water= 333000 J/kg
i) How much thermal energy was transferred, if none of the water has turned into ice?
ii) How much thermal energy was transferred in freezing the water if the water is placed back in the freezer until it completely turns into ice?
b) You have one kilogram each of copper, wood, and water (all at the same temperature). Arrange the sample from lowest to highest temperature after 100 Joules of energy is added to each sample. Explain your answer.
Explain with examples, why
a) atomic radius increases as you go down the group and decreases
as you go across a period?
b) the main trend for first ionization energy to increase across
c) the value of first electron affinity of oxygen (-142 kJ/mol) smaller
than that of fluorine (-328kJ/mol)?


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For the following reaction
2Al (s) + 3Cl2 (g)  2 AlCl3 (s)
i) obtain the limiting reagent.
ii) the theoretical yield of AlCl3.when 2.00 mole of Cl2 (g) is reacted with 54.3 g of Al (p).
iii) Calculate the molarity of a solution prepared by dissolving the
theoritical yield of AlCl3 in 750.0 mL of solution.
(Given: Atomic mass of Al = 27 ; Cl = 35.5)
a) Polyethylene exists either as a linear (straight-chain) polymer or as a branched polymer. Which is the high density form? Explain.
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