Pedi Co. Finance Assignment Help With Solution

Pedi Co. Finance Assignment Help With Solution

1. A company with a break-even point at $900,000 in sales revenue had fixed costs of $225,000. When actual sales were $1,000,000 variable costs were $750,000. Determine (a) margin of safety expressed in dollars, (b) the margin of safety expressed as a percentage of sales, (c) the contribution margin ratio, and (d) the operating income.

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2. A company has a margin of safety of 25%, a contribution margin ratio of 30%, and sales of $1,000,000.
a. What is the break-even point?
b. What is the operating income?
c. If neither the relationship between variable costs and sales nor the amount of fixed costs is expected to change in the next year, how much additional operating income can be earned by increasing sales by $110,000?
3. For the past year, Pedi Company had fixed costs of $70,000, unit variable costs of $32, and a unit selling price of $40. For the coming year, no changes are expected in revenues and costs, except that property taxes are expected to increase by $10,000. Determine the break-even sales (units) for (a) the past year and (b) the coming year.

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