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Performance management may be regarded as a systematic approach by which the net performance of an organization can be improved by improving the performance of each member within the team. It is a means for fostering superior performance, defining roles within a required competence framework and establishing achievable goals. The process of performance management starts with joining of new member in an organization and ends when an employee quits the organization. It focuses on performance of an employee, organization a department as well as many other areas. Performance management is a wide ranging and complicated function of HR, as it covers activities such as joint setting of goals, continuous progress analysis and frequent communication, feedback and monitoring improved performance, implementing employee development programs and rewarding achievements. A performance management process sets the platform for rewarding excellence by combining individual performance with organizations goals and objectives and making the employee and the organization understand the importance of a specific job in realizing outcomes. Establishing clear performance expectations like results, actions and behavior helps the employees to understand what exactly is expected from their job and setting of standards which help in eliminating those jobs which are of no longer use. The Various Sources of Performance Management can be learnt from Performance Management Assignment Help Online. The ultimate aim of performance management is to improve the quality of work in the most possible effective manner.

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Components of performance management System


A performance management system includes the following actions given in Performance Management Assignment Help Online Service

• Conducting interview to cut and narrow down the pool of candidates.
• Recruiting the most qualified employees and selecting the most potential and suited candidate to participate in interviews onsite.
• Selecting qualified people using comprehensive employee selection process to identify the most qualified and suited candidate having the most cultural fit and job fit.
• Welcoming of new employees to the organization. The Features of Employee Protocols can be studied under Performance Management Assignment Help Online.
• Providing effective new employee orientation, assigning a mentor or a head, and making the new employees aware of the organization and its culture.
• Negotiating requirements and accomplishment-based performance standards, results, and measure between the employee and his or her new manager or head.
• Providing ongoing training and education as required.
• Conducting quarterly performance development planning and analysis meeting.
• Offering job to the selected candidates and negotiating the terms and conditions of employment like salary, paid time off, benefits and other organizational perk.
• Holding multiple additional meetings to know the candidates strengths, weakness and abilities to contribute.
• Designing effective compensation and recognition systems that reward the employees for their achievement and ongoing contributions.
• Providing promotional as well as career development opportunities like job shadowing for staff.
• Assisting with exit interviews to understand the reason behind valued employees leaving the organization.

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