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PERT is abbreviated as Program Evaluation and Review Technique. It is used to plan and coordinate large scale projects. It provides a road map for a given project or program which comprises all the primary events. Under this technique, charts are drawn which are known as PERT charts. This technique is also known as PERT/CPM (Critical Path Method). PERT got its origin due to the combined efforts of US Navy and some of its contractors. It helps in reducing the duration of a project. PERT analysis involves construction of a network diagram which gives an idea of the main activities involved in a project and their completion order. The network diagram usually comprises of arrows and nodes. The arrows denote activities in the activity- on-arrow convention and the nodes denote activities in the activity-node-convention. The managers are required to provide an idea of the time in which an activity will be completed on the basis of network diagram. Analysis of network diagram of projects helps the managers in gathering useful information about a project. It also helps the managers in obtaining an understanding of the project through examination of the path other than the critical path. Computers can also be used to construct and analyze the project networks if it involves too many activities. For creating network in computer we enter information like earliest start time for each activity, earliest finish time for each activity, latest start time for each activity and latest finish time for each activity without having any delay in completion of a project.

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Difference between PERT and CPM


Difference between PERT and CPM given by Pert Homework Help are

• Under PERT, results are estimated in a probabilistic manner while under CPM results are determined in a deterministic manner.
• PERT is concerned with activities in which the time is uncertain while CPM deals with the activities where the time is known.
• PERT involves activities which are non repetitive while CPM involves activities which are repetitive.
• Under PERT, dummy activities are not used while under CPM dummy activities are used to exhibit the right sequence of activities.
• Under PERT, the cost of the project is immaterial while CPM relates to minimization of cost.
• Under PERT, activity is the base on which the results are calculated wile under CPM the basis is events. Activities can be learnt from Pert Homework help.
• Time is restricting factor under PERT while CPM involves time, cost, trade off.
• Under PERT, there are three estimates for the time in which a given activity can be completed while CPM involves a single estimate.
• CPM helps the project managers in deciding which part of the project area to give up when a trade off is needed to complete the project while PERT does not provide any such assistance.

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