Physical and Chemical Change Analysis With Solution

Physical and Chemical Change Analysis With Solution

1.A water sample has the following composition data:
CaCo3= 100 ppm, MgCO3= 42 ppm, MgCl2= 95 ppm, CaSO4= 136ppm, MgSO4= 120ppm, CO2= 44ppm, NaAlO2= 164ppm.
Calculate the quantity of lime and soda required for softening of one million liter of water.
2.State whether each of the following represents a chemical change or merely a physical change:
(a) A few grams of sucrose (table sugar) are placed in a small beaker of deionized water; the sugar crystals “disappear,” and the liquid in the beaker remains clear and colorless.
(b) A copper statue, over time, turns green.
(c) When a teaspoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is placed into a few ounces of vinegar (acetic acid), volumes of bubbles (effervescence) are produced.
(d) When a few grams of a blue crystalline solid are placed into a beaker of deionized water, the crystals “disappear” and the liquid becomes clear and blue in color.
(e) In the lab, a student mixes 2 mL of sodium hydroxide with 2 mL of hydrochloric acid in a test tube. He notices that the test tube has become very warm to the touch.
(f) A woman visits a hairdresser and has her hair colored a darker shade of brown. After several weeks the hair, even though washed several times, has not changed back to the original color.
3.State whether each of the following represents a chemical change or merely a physical change:
(a) A steak is cooked on a grill until well done.
(b) In the lab, students firepolish the end of a glass rod. The jagged edge of the glass has become smooth.
(c) Chlorine bleach is used to remove a coffee stain on a white lab coat.
(d) When two clear and colorless aqueous salt solutions are mixed together, the solution turns cloudy and yellow.
(e) One gram of an orange crystalline solid is heated in a test tube, producing a green powdery solid whose volume is 10 times the volume of the original substance.
(f) In the lab, a student cuts a 20-cm strip of magnesium metal into 1-cm pieces.

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4.Determine whether each of the following represents a physical property or a chemical property:
(a) Fluorine gas has a greenish-yellow tint.
(b) The density of water at 4°C is 1.000 g/mL.
(c) Hydrogen gas is very flammable.
(d) Aluminum is a solid at 25°C.
(e) Water is colorless and odorless.
(f) Lemon juice tastes sour.
(g) Gold does not tarnish.
(h) Copper cannot be decomposed.
5.To measure the concentration of magnesium ion in a solution an analyst took 50 mL of the solution and added sodium hydroxide solution until no further precipitate (of magnesium hydroxide) formed. The precipitate was filtered off, dried and weighed; it had a mass of 1.72 grams
a) what was the molarity of magnesium ion in the original solution?
b) how many grams of magnesium ion were there per litre in the original solution?

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