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The branch of chemistry which deals with study of chemical system in principles and concepts of physics such as energy, mechanics, thermodynamics, analytical dynamics etc.Its study is predominantly macroscopic and hence physical chemistry assignment help or physical chemistry homework help is required to solve numerical as well as essay related to various physical chemistry aspects like thermodynamics, equilibrium, electrochemical reactions, kinetics of reaction etc. In short studying physical chemistry is technique of applying physics in solving chemistry problems.

Historical View- Physical Chemistry

The studies in physical chemistry goes back to 1752 when Mikhail Lomonosov presented a lecture in Petersburg university in front of his students and defined it as “Physical chemistry is the science that must explain under provisions of physical experiments the reason for what is happening in complex bodies through chemical operations.”

The main questions which comes under physical chemistry is application and numerical based, solving simple numerical problems are a bit easy as it is simple application of formula in correct place but solving application part and application based numerical are a bit difficult but our experts in physical chemistry assignment help will help you in each aspects.

Physical chemistry assignment help for industrial Applications

In industries(iron and steel, metallurgical, nuclear etc.) , physical chemistry plays a major role, since these reactions and process taking part in these industries are initiated by large amount of energy, which can be generated from specific chemical reaction whose products and by products are useful for future use and the kinetics of reaction is enough to meet the required amount in given time.
Also equilibrium is major part in physical chemistry and many chemicals like ammonia are manufactured in large scale by reversible process hence a good knowledge of equilibrium and Arrhenius theory will tend to give a large amount of product.

Also in cell industry, physical chemistry assignment help in many ways, or in short,entire cell industry is directly dependent on electrochemistry topic of physical chemistry, I.e. knowledge of electrolyte which, should be taken and a suitable electrode along with that electrolyte etc. Is gained with help of physical chemistry.

Topics Covered for Physical chemistry assignment help

There are many subtopics in physical chemistry which we cover to provide assignment help.It is better to divide and study in parts to get good grabs about the subject.
Thermodynamics physical chemistry assignment help- Study of energy change in chemical system.
Thermochemistry physical chemistry assignment help -Study of heat and it’s application in chemical system.

Equilibrium physical chemistry assignment help – Studying of reversible reactions and directing it in suitable way.
Kinetics physical chemistry assignment help – Studying about rate of chemical reaction.

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