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There are FOUR questions for a total of 20 points – points per question are indicated in parentheses before each question.
In none of this should you paste in your Stata results to give us a string of numbers to look at. Even if it looks OK when you paste it, it doesn’t look good when we grade it. Work numbers into sentences when asked to do so.
You may work on the assignment with other students, but all answers must be written up individually. Answers that are substantially identical to those of another student will be treated as plagiarism.
We are using the ‘Quality of Government’ (2017) Dataset which has numerous measures of many features of the world’s countries. You can find it on Canvas under ‘datasets and codebooks’).
Women’s political empowerment and health We will look at the relationship between ‘Women political empowerment’
[vdem_gender] & access to clean water [wdi_aciw] in sub-Saharan Africa. Consult the codebook so that you fully understand what these two variables measure and whether there are missing values you need to account for. 1
When you describe the findings for each question, write in a clear, concise and compelling fashion. Imagine you work for an NGO and are preparing a report that will be distributed to other NGOs, policy makers, and media members to read.

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Q1 [5pts]: First create a variable that creates two groups of countries: Those with lower women political empowerment (between 0 and 0.5) and those with higher empowerment (greater than 0.5 & less than 1).
Find the mean access to clean water for each group. Calculate the 95% confidence interval for both groups (be careful choosing what your N for these calculations is).

Report the means and confidence intervals in a smoothly worded paragraph.
Q2: [5pts] Preform a t-test on the difference of means. Be sure to employ the assumption that the variance of the DV may not be equal across the two groups.
Report the difference of means you found (just the number). And then report and explain the p-value you found. So your answer will be one number and then one or two sentences explaining what the p-value you found means. (You don’t need to restate what the variables are or what the means for each group are, you did that in Q1).
Q3a) [4pts] Run a bivariate regression where the DV is access to clean water and the IV is your binary women empowerment variable. Report the findings as if they were in the report. You should state and explain the coefficient, intercept, and p-value.
Q3b) [1pts] Were your results from the t-test (Q2) and the regression (Q3a) the same or different. In either case, explain why in one short sentence.
Q4a) [4pts] Run another regression using the original women political empowerment variable (vdem_gender) as the IV and clean water as the DV. Report the results of the regression just as you did in Q3a.
Q4b) [1pt] Which regression (Q4a or Q3a) do you think is a better way to test for a relationship between these two variables. Explain why in a sentence or two.

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