Privatizing the Albany County Airport: Epilogue Case Study Solution


The case of Privatizing the Albany County Airport presents a complex scenario where a public asset is considered for privatization. As explored by Alan Altshuler, Esther Scott, and Jose Gomez-Ibanez, this case delves into the challenges and opportunities associated with privatizing a public airport. This analysis will dissect the core issues, evaluate the strategies deployed, and offer recommendations for making informed decisions regarding the privatization of public assets.

Case Issue

The primary issue in this case revolves around the privatization of the Albany County Airport. The stakeholders face the challenge of balancing the economic benefits of privatization, such as increased efficiency and innovation, against potential drawbacks such as loss of control, increased costs for passengers, and potential neglect of public interests.

Case Analysis

Benefits of Privatization
Privatization often promises increased operational efficiency and innovative practices. Private entities might bring in expertise and capital that public agencies lack, leading to improvements in infrastructure, services, and revenue generation. Proponents argue that privatization can lead to a more competitive and financially sustainable airport.

Risks and Concerns
However, privatization comes with risks. Loss of public control can lead to decisions prioritizing profit over community needs. There are concerns about rising costs for passengers, reduced quality of service, and potential neglect of less profitable routes. Additionally, the transition from public to private management requires meticulous planning to prevent disruptions in airport services.

Stakeholder Engagement
Crucial in this decision-making process is active engagement with stakeholders – the public, local businesses, and government entities. Understanding their concerns, addressing misconceptions, and involving them in the decision-making can lead to more informed choices regarding the airport’s future.


In conclusion, the privatization of the Albany County Airport demands a nuanced approach. While there are potential benefits, there are also significant risks and challenges that require careful consideration. Understanding the concerns of stakeholders and implementing a transparent, inclusive decision-making process is crucial for ensuring that the privatization, if pursued, aligns with the community’s interests and long-term benefits.

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Comprehensive Feasibility Study
Conduct an in-depth feasibility study evaluating the potential impact of privatization on costs, service quality, and local businesses. Include comparative analyses with other privatized airports to understand the pitfalls and best practices.

Transparent Stakeholder Engagement
Host town hall meetings, engage in public forums, and involve local businesses in discussions. Transparent communication about the benefits, risks, and the decision-making process can address concerns and build community support.

Regulatory Safeguards
Implement stringent regulatory frameworks and contracts to ensure that the private entity adheres to quality standards, pricing regulations, and community service obligations. These safeguards can protect passengers and prevent excessive profiteering.

Long-Term Community Impact Assessment
Conduct an assessment of the long-term impact on the community, considering aspects like employment opportunities, local business growth, and economic development. Understanding the holistic effects can aid in making decisions aligned with community interests.

Innovation and Sustainability Focus
Encourage the private entity to focus on innovation, sustainability, and community engagement. Privatization should lead to advancements in technology, environmental practices, and social initiatives, benefiting both the airport and the community.

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