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It is the measure of the chance that an event will occur. It is a branch of mathematics which states the likelihood of an event to occur under the given circumstances. In common words, it is the chance that something will happen and how likely that event is going to happen. The range of probability value is from 0 to 1 whereas ‘0’ suggest impossibility and ‘1’ suggests certainty The Higher the probability of the event, the more chance it has of its occurrence and similarly the lesser the probability value, the lesser chance it has of its occurrence. The Mathematical formula to calculate the probability of an event is the number of chances of events divided by chances in addition to the number of failures. The simplest example of probability is flipping a coin. There are two outcomes either a head or a tail, in both the case the possibility is one as there is no other option unless the coin lays flat. It is derived from Latin word ‘proballitas’ which means possibility. An example of Probability in real life is ‘There is 20% chance that rain might happen today’. For Clear Understanding and better picture of Probability you can use Probability Assignment Help Service.


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To calculate the probability of an event to occur, we need to notice the number of options and chances we have got. Normally probability refers to the number of choices divided by the total number of options. Considering an example of rolling a dice, the possible number of outcomes is six, and the result we can get is one. So the probability is one divided by six or possible choice divided by the total number of outcomes.
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It is used in our daily life. It is a risk factor to analyze the chances of the event. The practical application in real life industry is

• Insurance Companies use the factor to study the market.
• Trading Company uses the probability factor to set the price and trade.
• Another Important application is the probability results carried out by the automobile industry and determine the nature of failure and warranty period.
• In today’s cut-throat world, the citizen should be aware of the probability assessment and its varied uses in our modern industry.
• These Statistics are used in the area of mathematics, finance, gambling, artificial intelligence, gaming, automobile industry and lot more functions in the industry.

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