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Project Charter

A project charter refers to a written statement of project intensions and expectations that provides a complete view of the project. The project charter for the project of arranging an anniversary gathering of past employees of a company is as follows

Project Overview and Background of Organization

This project is based on the arrangement for an anniversary gathering of past employees of XYZ Limited. It is an anniversary program that requires detail event management planning to make sure successful gathering of past employees. XYZ Limited is information technology (IT) company that engaged with designing, manufacturing and marketing of software, computer-based systems, application software, support database and cloud infrastructure. It has a history of operating from 30 years in IT industry. It has a workforce of 1500 hard working and talented employees who are contributing significantly in its success in this market.
The event of arranging a gathering program for ex-employees will be carried out in this organization. It is because top management of this organization is decided to celebrate 25th anniversary of past employees who joined this 25 years ago by organizing a big event in its campus. For this project, company’s top management is allocated a budget of $125,000 to arrange this event for selected ex-employees. Along with this, a time period of 3 months is set to make sure completion of all required arrangements that will be needed to organize anniversary gathering program of past employees successfully.
Project Objectives
Following are the main objectives of planning this project

  • To plan a well organised event anniversary gathering
  • To hire a event management firm
  • To send invitation to past employees who are eligible for this gathering
  • To hire a catering for this program
  • To arrange gifs for selected past employees
  • To plan games and musical programs for employees

Project Scope
Scope statement is an important element of a project that usually uses by project managers to outline the results of projects. The table below is shown the scope statement of this project

Project Title: Arranging an Anniversary Gathering Project

Date: 1th April 2013                                                                  Prepared By: XYZ Construction

Project Budget: $500,000
Project Scope: This project has wide scope for the organization. It is because it has potential to improve the morale of current employees as well as their perception about the company. This project is based on the gathering of past employees, but it is equally important for current workers who are working in the organization. It is because it will bring the positive felling about the organization and its top management among the current workforce, which is significant to improve employees-management relationship along with improvement in their work motivation and job satisfaction. The gathering of past employees will be beneficial to identify new potential talent from gusts who will attend this program.
Project Objectives:

Ø  To plan a well organised event anniversary gathering

Ø  To hire a event management firm

Ø  To send invitation to past employees who are eligible for this gathering

Ø  To hire a catering for this program

Ø  To arrange gifs for selected past employees

Ø  To plan games and musical programs for employees

Project Deliverables and Outcomes:

Project Related Deliverables and Outcomes: WBS, schedule, list of deliverables, status reports, risk management plan, project charter and team contract that are required to effectively accomplish and manage the project.

Product Related Deliverables

·         An event management firm

·         Invitation to past employees

·         Hiring of catering firm

·         Gifs for old employees

·         Games and musical arrangement

·         Foods, snacks and cold drinks

·         Well arranged party venue

Project Exclusions:

Ø  It is the responsibility of firm to provide required funds for the project.

Project Constrains:

Ø  Time is a major constraint for this project due to limited to make arrangements for program.

Ø  Cost is another constraint due to limited budget.

Assumptions: In this project, it is assumed that company has sufficient budget to accomplish all the activities to organize an anniversary gathering program.

Milestone Schedule
Milestone refers to a landmark that shows the completion of an important activity or task of a project. Milestones are the end of a portion of the project that indicates completion of project. This project will include several milestones to make sure completion of each important activity to arrange an anniversary gathering party successfully. Following is the list of milestones that associated with this project

  • Appointment of project manager
  • Creation of project team
  • Hiring of suitable event management firm
  • Hiring of catering firm
  • Preparation of gust list
  • Arrangement of resources
  • Set up of party venue
  • Invite gust
  • Prepare foods
  • Arrange beverages
  • Set up games zone
  • Develop stage
  • Organise party

Risk Management Plan
Risk management is an important element of project management that is useful to protect a project from unexpected events and minimize their negative impact on project scope. In a project, there are some constrains in terms of time, cost and quality that are critical because they have potential to influence the success of a project. In the project of arranging an anniversary gathering of past employees, there is also a huge possibility of occurring different risks events that can affect the project success and its scope (Collier & Ampomah, 2005). The main steps of risk management plan are as follows
Risk Identification
Following table summarizes the potential risks that can occur during the project life cycle of anniversary gathering

Risk Name Brief Description
Shortage of budget Allocation of limited budget may create shortage of money during the project
Delay in catering work Due to some issue, caters may delay in preparation of foods for gusts
Modification by client in date of gathering The client of project may change in date of party before few days
Arrival large number of gusts The large number of gusts will attend part then expectation
Human resource problems The employees of event organizing firm may stop work due to lower wages
Electricity failure It is expected that electricity may be failed during the program
Weather problems (rain) It is also expected that rain or any other weather problem may affect the program

Risk Assessment
The assessment of identified risks second stage of risk management plan in which the probability of occurrence and potential impact of each identified risk is assessed (Marmel, 2011). The table below is displayed the risk assessment of above identified risks

S. No. Risk Name Probability (1-4) Impact (1-3) 
1 Shortage of budget 2 3
2 Delay in catering work 3 2
3 Modification by client in date of gathering 2 2
4 Arrival large number of gusts 2 2
5 Human resource problems 2 3
6 Electricity failure 2 3
7 Weather problems (rain) 3 3

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Case Approach

Scientific Methodology

We use best scientific approach to solve case study as recommended and designed by best professors and experts in the World. The approach followed by our experts are given below:

Defining Problem

The first step in solving any case study analysis is to define its problem carefully. In order to do this step, our experts read the case two three times so as to define problem carefully and accurately. This step acts as a base and help in building the structure in next steps.

Structure Definition

The second step is to define structure to solve the case. Different cases has different requirements and so as the structure. Our experts understand this and follow student;s university guidelines to come out with best structure so that student will receive best mark for the same.

Research and Analysis

This is the most important step which actually defines the strength of any case analysis. In order to provide best case analysis, our experts not only refer case materials but also outside materials if required to come out with best analysis for the case.

Conclusion & Recommendations

A weak conclusion or recommendations spoil the entire case analysis. Our expert know this and always provide good chunks of volume for this part so that instructors will see the effort put by students in arriving at solution so as to provide best mark.

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Probability (Rare = 1; Possible = 2; Expected = 3; Almost possible = 4)
Impact (Low = 1; Medium = 2; High = 3)

Risk Scoring:

The table below is presented the score and raking of each identified risk

Risk Name Probability Impact Score Rank
Shortage of budget 2 3 5 2
Delay in catering work 3 2 5 2
Modification by client in date of gathering 2 2 4 3
Arrival large number of gusts 2 2 4 3
Human resource problems 2 3 5 2
Electricity failure 2 3 5 2
Weather problems (rain) 3 3 6 1

Risk Mitigation
A risk mitigation plan is defined as an action or response plan that is quite useful to eliminate the causes of risks or minimize their impact or possibility of occurrence (Collier & Ampomah, 2005). A risk mitigation plan with appropriate responses is shown below

Risk Name Response Action Responsible Person
Shortage of budget Reduce Allocate additional budget in contingency plan Project Sponsor
Delay in catering work Reduce Provide sufficient time for food preparation Project Manager
Modification by client in date of gathering Accept Made changes Project Manager & Client
Arrival large number of gusts Reduce Additional Project Manager
Human resource problems Transfer Hire a well known event organizer Project Manager & Client
Electricity failure Accept Make arrangement of alternative source of electricity Project Manager
Weather problems (rain) Reduce Chose venue according to weather forecast Project manager

Resources Needed
This project is designed to organize an anniversary gathering program for past employees of the organization, so different types of resources such as capital, human resources, equipments and other resources will be needed to successfully complete the project. In this concern, first of all a team of at-least 10 people from the organization will be needed to plan this project as well as make all necessary arrangement for organizing a anniversary gathering program. Along with this, an event management firm, a catering service provider, a DJ facility provider and light men will also be needed to accomplish objectives of this project (Haug, 2009).
It is because each of these resources will be important to make sure full arrangements to organize a part for past employees of the organization. At the same time, capital is also a key resource that will be needed to arrange all things that will be required to organize this program as well as to make payments for expenses like salaries, hiring of event organizer, caters and light men, purchase of gifts etc. Project manager will be the main resource of this project that will be needed during the entire project for its successful implementation (Collier & Ampomah, 2005).
Stakeholder List
A project consists of different types of stakeholders who directly or indirectly associate with this. This project also includes various stakeholders who have interest in its successful completion. Following are the main stakeholders of this project

  • Project sponsor (CEO of the company)
  • Project client (XYZ Limited)
  • Project manager
  • Event organiser
  • Catering service provider
  • Project core team
  • Accountant
  • Past employees (who will be the main gust of anniversary program)
  • Suppliers (who supply cold drinks, snacks and gifts)
  • Electrician or light men


These are some of the key stakeholders who have interest in this proposed project.
Lessons Learned
In this project, I am involved as a student that would benefit from handled the proposed project by acting as project manager. There are various lessons that I can learn from this project. For example, the handling of project will help me to learn about project management, roles and responsibilities of project manager, project communication plan, work breakdown structure (WBS), risk management and scheduling. All these are the ideas that will contribute to improve my skills and expertise in regard to project management. In addition, the combination of these ideas can be helpful to plan, organize and manage this project properly as well as achieve its proposed objectives within set time period and allocated budget. Apart from this, there are also some lessons related to risk identification, assessment and mitigation that would benefit me to develop understanding about project risk management and increase skills and expertise, which is effective for professional life.
This stage of project charter is related with approval of above proposed project from higher authority or project sponsor. In the end of project manager, it requires to get sing from project sponsor to make sure that he/she is happy with this project plan and ready to finance this. In this way, the approval on project manager appointment, timeline of project, stakeholder list and resources will be needed to take by signing-off from CEO or other top official of the organization.
Communication Plan
A communication plan is an effective way to give detail information about project and its specifications, role and responsibilities of each associate team members and changes required by client. Meeting management process is the main part of communication plan that describes about agenda and minutes, which will be needed to make sure effective communication among team members. The table below is presented a communication plan for the project of arranging an anniversary gathering of past employees

What Who/Target Why/Purpose When/Frequency Method
Sponsor meeting CEO & project manager For budget approval Before starting of project Meeting
Kick-off meeting All stakeholders Brief about project Before starting Meeting
Team meeting Team members Review project plans and actions Weekly Meeting
Sponsor meeting CEO & project manager For update project status Regularly scheduled Meeting
Status report Project Head (CEO) Update about progress of project Weekly Email
Negotiation Event organizer & caters To hire event organizer & caters Before starting of project Meeting
Collaboration Supplier Contract for gifts, cold drinks, snacks etc. Before starting of project Meeting
Project advisory Consultant & project manager For guidance on project As required Meeting


The above communication plan exhibits a meeting management process for this project that will be used to communicate all necessary things to required party or person. The agenda of each meeting will be fixed as per project requirements. The minutes of each meeting will be prepared to make sure availability of information that can be useful to know what decisions made in the meeting. The above communication can be effective to make sure up-do-date all associate team members with required information regarding the project.

Communication Flow Chart
The below figure is shown the communication flow between project manager, sponsor and project team
Guideline for Meetings
Meeting Agenda: The main agenda of kick-off meeting is to inform project details to team members. The main agenda of sponsor meeting is to discuss about project’s budget with company’s officials and get sufficient amount of budget. Apart from this, the main agenda of team meeting is to review status of the project weekly by taking feedback from team members.
Meeting Minutes: Meeting minutes will be distributed in same day to each associated person who involved in the project. Meeting minutes will include the information of project specification and status of all items from the agenda along with new action items.
Meeting Chair Person: The Managing Director of the company will be chair person in meeting.




Work Breakdown Structure
Work breakdown structure (WBS) refers to the division of a project into tasks and subtasks that help project managers to manage a project successfully. It is a deliverable-oriented hierarchal decomposition that is important to accomplish project objectives and meet original project specifications (Collier & Ampomah, 2005). In the project of arranging an anniversary gathering program, following will be key deliverables of this project

  • An event management firm
  • Invitation to past employees
  • Hiring of catering firm
  • Gifs for old employees
  • Games and musical arrangement
  • Foods, snacks and cold drinks
  • Well arranged party venue

To accomplish all these deliverables, there is a need to develop a WBS by dividing key tasks related to these deliverables in small tasks and subtasks in order to manage the project properly. A WBS for this project is displayed below with a three levels format

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)  
Arranging an Anniversary Gathering Project

1            Project Initiation

1.1  Appoint Project Manager

1.2  Build Project Team

1.3  Develop Scope Statement

1.3.1 Define objectives

1.3.2 Define scope

1.3.2 Define deliverables

1.3.3 Identify project constraints

1.4  Prepare List of Old Employees

1.5  Develop Schedule & Budget

2            Project Planning

2.1 Define Requirements

2.1.1 Define resource requirements

2.1.2 Define contract requirements

2.2 Hire Event Management Firm

2.2.1 Prepare List of Event Management Firms

2.2.2 Select an Event Management Firm

2.3 Hire a Catering Firm

2.3.1 Prepare List of Catering Firms

2.3.2 Select a Catering Firm

2.4 Prepare List of Gust

2.5 Arrange Resources

2.5.1 Make order for gifts

2.5.2 Make order for beverages and cold drinks

3            Project Execution  

3.1 Purchasing of Materials

3.2 Set up Party Venue

3.2.1 Set up Stage

3.2.2 Lighting

3.2.3 Arrange games and musical arrangements

3.3 Invite Gusts

3.3.1 Sending invitation to gusts

3.4 Prepare Foods

3.4.1 Prepare Snacks

3.4.2 Prepare Dishes

3.5 Set up Beverage Area

4            Project Monitoring  

4.1 Monitor arrangement of party venue

4.2 Monitor food preparation activities

4.3 Prepare status report

5            Project Closure 

5.1 Sign-off resources

5.2 Prepare project closure report

Assignment 1: Project Charter, Communication plan and WBS

Length: 2,600 words excluding appendix
Weighting: 20%
Project Charter
The Project Charter should explain the background of the organisation where this project will be carried out, the objectives of the project and the importance of this project to the organisation. The project team should also include a Business Case, Milestone Schedule, as well as any major problems or anticipated Risks with this project if they are known at this stage. The textbook provides detailed examples of what needs to be included in the Project Charter. These examples will assist the project team in the development of the Project Charter for My Project.
The project that your team uses could be from one of the following categories depending on the type of business a student is involved in
• an organisational project that a student is involved in as the organisation’s main line of business – to manage projects for your organisation or on behalf of others
• an activity that a student is convinced would benefit from being handled as a project
• an activity in which a student was involved in the past that was not carried out as a project, but one which you believe would have been managed better as a project. If you use this option you should describe how you would execute this activity now using the knowledge gained through this unit.
Note: Students will get maximum benefit from doing this assignment if it is based on a real project. However, if you are unable to work on a real project please discuss with your tutor for suggestions.
Communication Plan

This will include the who, what, why and when of project communications. It can be documented in a communications matrix. A meeting management process needs to be described, and both agenda and minutes need to be documented from team formation to Assignment 1 upload. Issues raised in your meetings are to be recorded and assigned to a team member or closed out when settled. Communications improve with a system for knowledge management with meetings evaluated. These documents will be similar to Exhibits 5.11 through 5.16 in the text.
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
All project deliverables should have been identified and should clearly conform to the Scope Overview in the Project Charter. A structured numbering system should be developed to identify all project deliverables. The level of detail makes sense. One of the three logical formats of indented outline, org chart, or free form is used.
The maximum word length for this part is 2,000 words excluding words used in any charts, templates, forms or diagrams that you have used to apply the knowledge areas.
The key criteria to consider in choosing the project is not ‘what the project is’ but rather, is there sufficient scope to allow the project team to demonstrate the application of the wide range of tools and techniques introduced throughout each topic area. Project concepts with too narrow a Scope are difficult to expand upon in demonstrating a full range of tools and techniques. However, projects that are initially perceived as being too large or broad in Scope can typically be broken down to produce more than adequate scope for the purposes of this assignment.
The purpose of this Project Charter, and the Project Report to follow in the second assignment, is to demonstrate your understanding of how, why and where Project Knowledge Areas, Processes, Phases and Principles facilitate effective and successful Project Management within the context of the chosen project.
Format for Assignment 1
The format of the formal assignment will be
• SCU Cover Sheet
• Title page
• Letter to Sponsor
• Table of contents
• Introduction (use an Appendix for background if necessary – see below)
• Project Charter
• Communication Plan
• Work Breakdown Structure
• Reference list (Harvard referencing style is required)
• Appendix will only include a background of the organisation for your unit assessor. All forms, charts, tables and diagrams should be included under the relevant sections of the assignment. The Appendix is NOT graded.
References: Harvard Referencing Style is required in this subject. Please visit SCU library website for information. Students should consult their local tutor or contact SCU librarians for assistance.

As part of a University initiative to support the development of academic integrity, assessments may be checked for plagiarism, including through an electronic system, either internally or by plagiarism checking service, and be held for future checking and matching purposes.
Marking criteria
The following marking criteria will be used for Assignment 1 in conjunction with the specific requirements as set out above
Category Specific criteria Maximum marks
MC 1: Project Charter
(20 Marks) Clear Scope overview 2
Compelling Business case 3
Clearly achievable milestone schedule 3
Risk identification, assignment and mitigation at the Charter stage only 3
Quality of other remaining aspects of the Charter (identified resources, Stakeholder list, lessons learned, and sign-off) 3
MC 2: Communication Plan
(5 Marks) Well developed Communication Plan including matrix, all meeting agendas and meeting minutes, issues log and other elements 3
MC 3: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
(5 Marks) Identification of all deliverables, structured WBS, and logical format to 3 levels only 3
Total marks 20
Assignment 2: Project Report
Length: 3,300 words excluding appendice
Weighting: 40%
Project report
For Part 2 of the assignment, the project team is required to submit a report illustrating how the project team will apply the following knowledge areas that have been learned in this unit to My Project. The Project Report needs to address the following areas at a minimum
• RACI Chart
• Schedule
• Budget
• Progress Reporting
• Change Management
• Communication
The due date for this assignment is rather late to help the project team use most aspects of the PMBoK. Furthermore prompt submission is necessary to facilitate pre-exam turnaround. Whilst every effort will be made to return assignments subject to authorised extensions this cannot be guaranteed if received after the due date.
It is highly recommend that students work progressively on this assignment as students cover the various topics in the unit and apply the relevant knowledge areas to the project that the project team developed for the first assignment. Otherwise students will find the task of completing this assignment daunting in the final weeks of the session. An effective way to do this would be to do the activities associated with My Project in each of the topics covered in the Study Guide.
The maximum word length for this part is 3,500 words excluding words used in any charts, templates, forms or diagrams that the project team have used to apply the knowledge areas. If the project team opt to use words to explain how the team have applied a knowledge area you should limit them to one page per knowledge area. A soft copy of many useful forms will be made available to you on MySCU that project teams can modify and use for the assignment. However a project team can and should design your own forms or use standard forms that are used by an organisation and adapt these to suit your project. The soft copy is provided for the benefit of those students who are not adept at designing forms using a computer. Hand drawn forms can be used as well but they must be neatly drawn.
You are also required to provide a list of references listing all the sources you have referred to in preparing this assignment.
Marking criteria
The following marking criteria will be used for Assignment 2
Category Specific criteria Maximum marks
MC 1: RACI Chart RACI Chart clearly linked to WBS and cover all stakeholders 5
MC 2: Schedule Well developed Gantt schedule including AoN and resource loading 10
MC 3: Budget Overall budget developed and then linked to deliverables and development of cash flow 6
MC 4: Progress reporting Presentation of suitable documents and graph to record progress against plan and explanation of variances, issues, and new risks (if any). 8
MC 5: Change Management Presentation of completed documents to record a change request with suitable controls 4
MC 6: Communication Updated communication plan and all communication documentation between A1 and A2 5
MC 7: Content quality/terminology/
depth/originality Quality of content (use of study materials; use of proper terminology; depth; originality) 2
Total marks 40

Format for Assignment 2


The format of the formal assignment will be
• SCU Cover Sheet
• Title page
• Table of contents
• Introduction
• RACI Chart
• Schedule
• Budget
• Change Management
• Progress Reporting
• Other relevant aspects including updated Communications documents
• Reference list (Harvard referencing style is required)
• Appendix will only include a copy of the first assignment for your grader. All forms, charts, tables and diagrams should be included under the relevant sections of the assignment. The Appendix is NOT graded.


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