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For effective completion of any project, it is crucial to pay attention towards the deadlines or the tie constraints. Because as important as the quality of the project is the commitment to time. To work in the stipulated time frame, it necessitates a control and check on the schedule and pre estimated work procedures. Each delay is backed up with compensations so as to keep up with the schedule. A lot of arrangements need to be taken care of to manage time effectively. There are two factors which affect time management. These are resources and money. The nature of resource determines time in most direct way. Hence the allocation of resources needs to be done. While more investment of money can speed up the process, lack of sufficient money may delay the project. Understanding the concepts under project management can prove to be challenging for some students. Hence, Project Time Management Homework Help shall thrive towards providing insights on the context while making the learning simpler.

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Processes under project time management

1. Definition of activities: In this process the tasks are identified which are of maximum importance for readying the project. These are then decomposed to smaller units of activities and showcased as work breakdown structure. This helps to know regarding the work specifications from grass root level. For detailed account on the processes involved in project time management, go through Project Time Management Homework Help.
2. Activity sequencing: In the above step, the activities are only spotted and enlisted. This step organizes them in proper sequence of execution. It is indispensable to take into account the interdependence of various activities. For further learning Project Time Management Homework Help can be sought.
3. Estimation of resources: Every activity in its own level requires a set of resources. The time consumed for each activity depends on the resources and its availability. Therefore there should be clarity in understanding the exact needs by the management team. For further information, go through Project Time Management Homework Help.
4. Estimation of effort and time: There already exist procedures for this estimation. Two common procedures are function point based estimate and work breakdown structure based estimation. This requires accuracy and exactness. So, the time estimation is done for each activity. And thus combined to get the approximated project time.
5. Schedule development and control: After the completion of the above steps, a well planned schedule is developed to keep track of the ongoing advances, delays and other problems. This can be achieved through a software program. And naturally, no schedule can be matched up accurately. Thus, changes and update have to be made to the prepared schedule with time. The new schedule is further followed then.


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