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Psychology is the study and science of mental state and behavior. The word ‘Psychology’ is derived from the Greek word psyche which means breathe, soul, spirit and the word ‘logia’ which means study of something. Psychology is the sum of emotional and behavioral characteristics of a mental states and processes of a person involved in an activity. It is similar to promoting health. It understands the basic organization of mind and brain, promotes successful development and ageing, and explores the social, environmental and cultural factors that affect behavior.

The different branches of psychology given by Psychology Capstone Project Assignment Help are

• Clinical Psychology- Clinical psychology helps in promoting personal development, adaptation and adjustment. It combines science, theory and practice in order to predict, understand and relieve discomfort and disability. It basically focuses on emotional biological, emotional, psychological, intellectual, social and behavioral aspect.
• Cognitive Psychology- Cognitive Psychology is closely related to other fields such as philosophy, neuroscience and linguistics. It looks after internal mental processes such as problem solving, memory, learning etc. It can be further understood by Psychology Capstone Project Assignment Help.
• Evolutionary Psychology- Evolutionary Psychology studies the effect of evolution on human behavior due to psychological adjustments. According to some evolutionary psychologists language learning is a virtually automatic process but reading or writing is not.
• Developmental Psychology- Developmental psychology is also referred to as human development. It is the scientific study of psychological changes experienced by a person over the course of his lifespan.

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List of Psychology Capstone Project Ideas

• Facial Feedback- Facial feedback is one of the theories of emotions. According to this, facial expressions help to control the way one feels inside. An experiment was conducted on people who had received Botox treatment. As a result the Botoxed people were less able to emphasize with other’s emotions because of their inability to flex their facial muscles.
• Mood freezing- In this experiment the participants are made to believe that a pill can alter their moods while in reality the pill is a placebo. When these [participants are given fake pill in an experimental situation, they both reduce their anger outburst and said that they felt better. So self introspection whether to express anger or not gives the same positive benefit.

• Mind Wandering- Recent studies show that mind wandering can actually benefit our thinking. Letting the mind drift far and wide helps in solving problems more creatively.
• Hindsight Bias- Human beings have a common tendency to think that they are right about predicting the outcome of an event but in reality they are not. Hindsight bias takes the common form of ‘I know it all’. By reality -testing interventions before predicting any outcome, one can be prevented from the lure of hindsight.

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