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Research is a process of systematic investigation used to increase knowledge by establishing or discovering new facts. Basically, Research is of two types- Basic Research and Applied Research. Basic Research is an investigation done to increasing scientific knowledge whereas Applied Research is done for developing new processes, techniques or for solving problems. Research Methods Assignment Help provides basis of knowledge on Research and its methods.

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Research Methods


The various types of research methods explained by Research Methods Assignment Help are:-

• Surveys: – It consists of collection of information. A large group of people are involved and information is collected by means of interrogations. Other methods like conference calls, interviews are also considered. Survey is of many types. Straightforward type is the responsibility given to a sample of people at a given point of time. In “Before and After” survey type people complete before an event and again after the event.

• Experiments: – This category of research includes conducting various tests to measure abilities like concentration, attention which is usually done verbally, written or by computer. After the test is taken the results of different group is then compared. Thee study includes training programe, social activity, etc. People must not be anxious about the results but should concentrate on their performance.

• Interviews: – Interviews is a conversation where questions are asked. It is generally carried out in person, over phone( Telephonic calls), or through advanced technology i.e, video calling( usually Skype is preferred). Both formal and informal approach can be adopted. It is not necessary for the interviewer to be a researcher. Taking notes while conducting interview can be disturbing and the researcher might not pay attention. Hence, audio or video recording is appreciated and can be helpful for the researcher so as to not miss any informational point or idea. Permission must be taken before recording any interview.

• Questionnaires: – It is one of the best way to obtain ideas, information. Large group of people are involved usually those who have no time to attend interviews or take part in experiments and surveys. People can state their views in private without worrying about the researcher’s reaction. It contains multiple choice questions, closed questions and open-ended questions. One drawback of these type of research method is that the participants do not answer all the questions and not all the answers are correct. Various methods to administer questionnaires are by post, email attachments, posts on internet sites, etc.

• Observational Traits: – It includes study of health issues in a large group of people. This method is done to determine the link between one factor and the other (e.g. if high alcohol consumption is related with road accidents or not). The researcher cannot rely on this method as one may exaggerate or idealise their behaviour.

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