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Responsibility accounting is an accounting system in which an organization is divided into smaller sections. Each of these sections is given individual responsibilities and operations to perform. Basically, these sections are in the form of branches, departments, product line, etc. These departments consist of individuals who are assigned for individual functions. The managers check income, profit and cost information of the particular department. This type of accounting is most commonly is used in the companies that divide the tasks in hierarchical order. Responsibility center is an organization where income and cost information are collected and recorded.The different types of responsibility centers are- Cost centers , revenue centers, profit center, contribution center and investment center. For each responsibility center to work effectively, it is a must for the organizational environment to work in a conductive way. Responsibility Accounting Assignment Help provides all the solutions related to responsibility accounting- principles, objectives, limitations, advantages and disadvantages.

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Principles, advantages and objectives of Responsibility Accounting


  • The principles of responsibility accounting explained in Responsibility Accounting Assignment Help are: –

• Here, an organization is divided into its sub-units and according to it work is distributed.
• The main aim of implementing responsibility accounting in an organization is to fix a target for each department.
• The determined target is compared with actual performance.
• To fix responsibility on the responsibility center, analysis of the variances is done from the budgeted plan.
• Planning plays an important role in responsibility accounting system.

  • The advantages of responsibility accounting given in Responsibility Accounting Assignment Help are: –


• By the help of this accounting system, budgeting is encouraged which is used in comparison with actual achievement.
• It helps in better management as each individual is responsible for their own assigned department.
• Interest increases among the managers.
• Implementing responsibility accounting in an organization or a company helps to summarize the reports as well as improves its structure.
• It leads to the establishment of a sound organization.
• Managers work independently which helps to achieve the desired goal in a shorter period of time.


  • The objectives of responsibility accounting given in Responsibility Accounting Assignment Help are: –


• In this system, a common goal is divided into smaller goals and the responsibility is given to each individual for better management.
• At the end of each session or period, estimation is done of the performance of each responsibility center and the result obtained is then compared with the predetermined targets.
• Thorough inspection and study is done. The results which are above and below the targets are marked. After comparison, remedies are introduced for the achievements which are below the target and several measures are taken.

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