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In an organization or a company there are different departments and various levels of units. The project manager is responsible for coordinating various activities and controlling the work functionality at each and every level. In such cases a responsibility assignment matrix helps in creating a platform that assigns the set of activities to different people. The importance of responsibility assignment matrix is described in Responsibility Assignment Matrix Homework Help. It assigns work to each and every individual according to their potential. With the matrix system the work structure is broken down and the work is divided equivalently among different personnel of the organization. Now each of the tasks is assigned a WBS and OBS code, the person that will be responsible for the given task, the department that is responsible and the scope of the work that is required. This helps in the role distinction of the individuals working in the organization. This means that it is essential to identify which individual is better for which type of task and Responsibility Assignment Matrix helps in performing the same. Clients looking for various notes regarding Responsibility Assignment Matrix can refer Responsibility Assignment Matrix Homework Help.

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Various Elements of Responsibility Assignment Matrix

The various processes of Project Communication Management are explained in Responsibility Assignment Matrix Homework Help as follows
1. Responsible: – This element of the Responsibility Assignment Matrix recognizes the responsibility of different people in different levels of the organization. It assigns the tasks at each and every level so that the entire person involved in the task will be responsible for a specific set of activities. The following points given in Responsibility Assignment Matrix Homework Help describe regarding the elements involved in Responsibility Assignment Matrix.
2. Accountable: – This element holds the various individuals working in the organization accountable for different level of tasks. This helps in ensuring that the assigned task is completed. This also ensures that every task is assigned to every individual.
3. Consulted: – Now in this element of responsibility assignment matrix there is a person who provides his expertise in order to achieve the completion of the task in a successful manner. This person does not operate directly. He provides his services indirectly through his expert advice.
4. Informed: -This element offers to deal with the person that is only concerned with the successful completion of the task. They are kept updated regarding the progress of the assigned task. They also don’t provide their services directly. In this case there is just one way communication between them.

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