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Risk in financial term is called financial risk, it is an umbrella term for multiple types of risk which is associated with financing, accounting including financial transactions which includes company or organizations loans in risk of default. Our Risk and return Finance assignment helpconsiderdownside risk which means uncertainty of a return and the potential for financial loss while solving this assignments. A scientific study has evolved around managing market and financial risk and is called as modern portfolio theory.

Returns are the financial gains and losses from a security in a particular period, which is usually quoted as percentage.

Risk and Return Assignment Help
Risk and Return Assignment Help
There are number of factors which affect returns. First one is risk which is the most important factor of affecting financial returns. In the investing world, risk is defined as chance that an investment’s actual return will be different than expected. Risk actually implies the possibility of losing something or your original investment. Low level of uncertainty is associated with high potential returns.The risk and return finance numerical help in trade off and balancing between the desire for lowest possible risk and highest possible return.

Investment Risk is financially divided into two categories:

• Systematic Risk and
• Unsystematic Risk
Systematic Risk: it is also termed as market risk or undiversifiable risk. It is the uncertainty inherent to the entire market segment. It is also referred as volatility systematic risk which fluctuates day to day in stock’s price. The source of systematic risk is interest rates, wars and recessions as they affects the entire market and cannot be avoided through diversification.
Unsystematic Risk: it is also termed as specific risk and residual risk. These types of risks comes with the company or industry which people invest in and can be reduced through diversification. Sudden strike by the employees of the company considers to be the unsystematic risks.

How to Manage Risks and Returns in solving risk and return finance Homework help?

There are many finance specialists who advice regarding financial decisions and technology for improving investors decision making and monitoring the decisions. The financial advisers provide combined econometric and quantitative skills, about business awareness and extensive practical solutions for clients. Through strong ties and good economic decisions regarding risk attribution, asset liability management, risk management and financial planning a company can manages its risks and returns.

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