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Shareholder equity:

Shareholder equity is a financial metric designed to determine the financial health of an organization. In simple words, shareholder’s equity can be described as company’s total asset minus its total liabilities. Shareholder’s equity is listed in the balance sheet of the company.

One thing which an investor is interested about is shareholder’s equity. The value of a company is nothing but the shares or property invested by the shareholder in the company. Thus, shareholder’s equity is the capital invested by the shareholders and by investing this equity amount; the shareholder can become the owner of the company.

How to calculate shareholder’s equity?


As learned above shareholder’s equity is company’s total asset minus its total liabilities i.e.

Equity= asset’s – liabilities

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Let’s try to understand each component one by one.


1) Asset: In business, asset means cash or anything which can be converted into cash or helps in generating income. It includes all the real property owned by the company. For example, securities, office equipments, real estate, car etc. Asset is divided into different categories like a current asset, long-term asset, intangible asset etc.

2) Liabilities: A company’s financial debt is liabilities. It is settled through a transfer of economic benefit which includes money, goods or services at a specific date or time. Liabilities can be divided into long-term and short-term liability. Short-term liability includes wages, payroll etc, that has to be paid within a year. Long-term liability includes mortgage, bank loan, debentures which can be paid in due course.

3) Equity: Amount invested by its owners plus any retained earnings are called equity. On a balance sheet, equity is the difference between the total of all recorded assets and liabilities. If the equity is positive, it means shareholders are in a profitable stage. If equity is negative, it means the liabilities exceed its assets and there is nothing for the shareholder to receive.

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