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Posted on June 20, 2017

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Collection of data is important and its storage should be secured when it is personal. A database is an application used in computer systems for storing such data. Manipulation the data is done by the help of many distinct APIs present in databases. Relational database management systems (RDBMS) are a technology that is used to store and manage high volume of data. It stores them in various tables and establishes relations using primary keys called as Foreign Keys. SQL stands for structured query language is a computer language for storing, retrieving data in RDBMS. In our SQL Assignment Help our experts and professional writers are armed with research material that will serve many students to finish their assignments.

What is SQL?

The first version of SQL was programmed at IBM by Donald D. Chamberlin and Raymond F. Boyce in the year of 1970s and was initially named as SEQUEL (Structured English Query Language). SEQUEL’s motive was to maneuver and recover data piled in IBM’s original quasi-relational database management system. The acronym SEQUEL was afterwards changed to SQL. SQL is Structured Query Language, is a computer language that has been designed in order to store, manipulate and retrieve data stored in a relational database.
SQL has been proved to be standard language for Relational Database System. SQL, as mentioned above is used as a standard database language for other technologies like MySQL, MS Access, Oracle, Sybase, Informix and SQL Server.

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Features of SQL

• High Performance
• Easy Availability
• Scalability and Flexibility to run anything
• Strong Transactional Support
• Web and Data Warehouse Strengths
• Robust Data Protection
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Statements of SQL

As our SQL Assignment Help expert’s advices, SQL consists of five types of statements:
• Data Definition Language (DDL): when the manipulation of the structure of a database is required then DDL comes in handy. CREATE and ALTER is the commands used to create a database and to change the definition of the database respectively. SQL Assignment Help services from us will help students to achieve the fundamentals of DDL.
• Data Manipulation Language (DML): for retrieving or manipulating the data in database, DML is used. For example: SELECT is used to select number of rows as per given selection conditions, and INSERT will insert the data into database, UPDATE updates the data with new values and DELETE deletes the wanted rows from the database.
• Data Control Language: it is a privilege provided to the user for accessing limited data from the database. For example: GRANT is a command that gives permission to the user for the database.
• Transactional Control Statement (TCS): compilation for the changes and then saving them permanently into the storage is done by TCS. For example: COMMIT is a command that applies changes and ROLLBACK restores the database from the last commit.
• Session Control Statement: properties of the user session dynamically can be altered here. For example: ALTER SESSION commands for altering parameters that can be affective for database connection.

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