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Stock is an essential term as far as business trading is concerned. So basically stock option is a privilege where the stock is sold by one party to another and it also shall be kept in mind that the buyer has the right but not the obligation to make the purchase of the stock or sell the stock at an agreed upon price within a stipulated amount of time. More information regarding the stock options is available in Stock Options Related Homework Help. We know that American options make up most of the public exchange traded stock options but it is interesting to note that this can be exercised any time between the date of purchase and the date of expiry of that stock option. We can find slightly less common options in the European stock options which are also called as share options in the United Kingdom. These are the type of stock options that can be redeemed only at the date of expiry. Stock options can be better known in Stock Options Related Homework Help. A stock option contract is carried out between two consenting parties and generally 100 shares of an underlying stock is represented by the options. A long term investor will aim at buying a promising stock and sell it later at a profitable price but a short term investor will look towards stock option investing for better profits for his investment.

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Different Types of Features in Stock Options

There are different types of features which are explained here. A brief explanation is provided in Stock Options Related Homework Help
• One of the most important features of stock options is leverage. It can be inferred as a way to control the same amount of equity and that can be done when the option investor coughs up only a fraction of the capital that is needed. Mostly short term speculative trading purposes can be met with this ability to leverage. Other features of stock options are given here in Stock Options Related Homework Help.
• Another useful aspect of the stock options is protection. This can be basically explained on the basis that stock option investing allows us to add any sort of insurance to the trading plan. This makes this trading plan a lot more secure and protected. When the situation of the market is quite uncertain, we can purchase protective put options to capture a long stock position against a sharp drop in the underlying stock price. It can be studied in Stock Options Related Homework Help.
• Volatility trading is also one of the important features of the stock options. In volatility trading, the option investors have the freedom of betting whether there is any type of movement or no movement in the underlying stock price. By this way, the investor gains profit irrespective of the direction the market heads. The investor just has to invest in the stock options. The usage of these features is available in Stock Options Related Homework Help.
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