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Surface Chemistry Assignment Help
Surface Chemistry Assignment Help

The branch of chemistry which deals with reactions and phenomenon that occurs at the surfaces or inter phase. For understanding surfaces or inter phase are separated by “/” or “-” symbol. It deals with all matter state except between gas-gas because of complete mixture of gases (gases are miscible). Some studies related to surface chemistry assignment help are:

• Heterogeneous Catalysis
• Electrolysis
• Corrosion
• Crystallisation on interphase etc.

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Basics of surface chemistry Assignment Help Online



Accumulation of molecular solids at the surface of solids rather then in bulk is termed as adsorption. It’s basically of two types-
• physical adsorption or physisorption
• chemical adsorption or chemisorption

Physical absorption is reversible in nature and arises due to Vander wall forces. While chemisorption is irreversible and arise due to chemical bond formations in surfaces. The variation of amount adsorbed in solids are studied by isotherms drawn (graphs drawn at constant temperature and changing pressure) using freundlich isotherm equation

Log(x/m)=log k+ (1/n)log p
In solution based adsorption term k changes to ‘C’ where C is equilibrium concentration I.e. when absorption is complete.
Plotting log (x/m) against log C is a straight line which shows that freundlich isotherm is valid.

Application of absorption

• In creating high vacuum
• Control of humidity
• Catalysis
• Froth flotation process
• Separation of inert gases
• Chromatography
• Control of humidity etc.

Colloids Chemistry Assignment help Online-

It is a heterogeneous system in which one molecule(dispersed phase) is mixed in dispersion medium.Milk, paints, cheese, smoke, gels etc. forms example of colloids.

Application of colloids

– precipitation of smoke electrically
– in purifying drinking water
– tanning
– cleansing action
– In making rubber etc.

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