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Taxation is the process by which the government imposes tax on citizens and entities. It is a compulsory money collection means by which governments finance their expenditure. It is also a method which is used to encourage or discourage various economic decisions. In a nutshell, taxation is the amount of money government takes from people and spends it on things such as health, education and defence. The four types of taxation- progressive, regressive, proportional and digressive has been mentioned in the following section of Taxation Online Exam Help.

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Different Types of Taxation


Taxation is divided into four types based on the relation between tax rate and the income (or tax base). The different types of taxation explained in Taxation Online Exam Help are given below

• Progressive Taxation- it is a type of taxation in which the rate of taxes increases. It takes higher percentage of taxes from people having higher income. In other words, a person earning more will have to pay higher amount of tax. The main aim of progressive tax is the recognition of the diminishing marginal utility of income. It also helps to reduce inequality by taking less tax from low wage earners and more from higher wage earners. The characteristics of progressive taxation can be studied in Taxation Online Exam Help.

• Regressive Taxation- In regressive taxation, the tax rate decreases with the increase in the tax base. It can also be said that there exists an inverse relationship between the tax rate and taxable income. It benefits only the higher sections of the society because they have to pay at lesser rates. The higher rate of taxation is a burden for low wage earners. It takes higher proportionate of earnings from low wage earners than from higher wage earners. Examples of regressive tax include sales tax, fair tax, consumption tax, alcohol tax, gasoline tax, etc. The demerits of regressive taxation can be studied in Taxation Online Exam Help.

• Proportional Taxation- The taxation in which the tax rate remains constant with the increase in the tax base is known as proportional taxation. Here the taxes vary in direct proportion to the change in income. It is inequitable because it is a burden on poor people with low income. It is charged at a flat rate for everyone (higher income as well as lower income). It is based on the theory that everybody is equal and hence the amount of tax is same for all. The basics of proportional taxation can be studied in Taxation Online Exam Help.

• Digressive Taxation- Tax that is partly proportional and partly progressive is known as digressive tax. It is progressive because the tax rate increases with the increase in income and proportional because after a point there is no change in the tax rate even with the increase in income. As mentioned in Taxation Online Exam Help, the payable tax increase at a diminishing rate up to a certain limit and after that a flat rate of tax is charged.

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