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Any computer architecture is impossible without any network model. They are the building blocks of computer architecture. TCP/IP model is one of them that provide such an adaptability that supports a flexible architecture. Computer science students will have compulsorily a subject of TCP/IP model and hence we here are delivering TCP IP Model Assignment Help to the students who require academic assistance.

What is the TCP/IP Reference Model?

TCP/IP is an abbreviation for Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol. As our TCP IP Model Assignment Help experts tell us, it is the network model majorly utilized in the current Internet architecture processes. Protocols are set of codes and rules which are responsible for maintaining restrictions over every possible communication in a network. These protocols help in the movement of data from the source to the destination over the internet. Simple names and addressing schemes are the main contexts of such protocols.

Overview of TCP/IP reference model

TCP/IP or Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol is a technology that was developed by Department of Defense Project Research Agency (ARPA, later DARPA). As a part of a research project of network interconnection to connect remote machines, this technology was brought in use. By using our TCP IP Model Assignment Help students are guaranteed to get maximum grades for their assignments.

The features of TCP/IPModel

• To form a flexible architecture by adding maximum number of machines to a network.
• The rigidity of the network dependent upon the functioning of source and destination machines. The connections remained intact when they were functioning nicely.
• To allow applications to send packets of data to another application working over different computer machines.

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Description of different TCP/IP protocols

1. Layer 1: Host-to-network Layer: this is the lowest layer of all and is used to connect the hosts for the purpose of sending packets of data over it. It varies from host to host and network to network.
2. Layer 2: Internet layer: this layer is responsible for holding the complete architecture all together by using internet protocol. It helps the packets of data to travel in an independent way towards their destination. By switching networks, the packets are selected while based on a connectionless internetwork is called as internet layer.
3. Layer 3: Transport Layer: it decides the data transmission path. It can either be a parallel path or single path. When data goes through multiplexing, segmentation or split, it is performed by transport layer. The applications get an advantage of reading and writing to the transport layer as this layer adds header information to the data. By breaking the data into small units and in sequence, this layer hands over the data to the network layer.
4. Layer 4: Application Layer:
The TCP/IP specifications support a lot of applications that are on top of protocol priority.

Some of them are explained below

• Connection over a remote machine to run applications over it is set up by TELNET, as it is a two way communication protocol
• A reliable, simple and efficient protocol is File Transfer Protocol (FTP) which allows data transfer within computer users connected over a single network.
• Sending e-mail between a source and a destination is done by SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol). A route is defined to direct the e-mail.
• For converting IP addresses into textual addresses DNS is used. It is abbreviated as Domain Name Server and is used for the hosts connected over a network.

Merits of TCP/IP model

1. It works on an independent basis
2. It is measurable
3. it supports the client/server behavior
4. support over a number of protocol on route is possible
5. Two computer networks can be connected via this

Demerits of TCP/IP

1. delivery of packets is not guaranteed by transport layer
2. The model bares itself to be used in any other application
3. Changing of protocols is not easy.
4. The transparent separation from interfaces and protocols is not done in TCP/IP model.

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