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If a dividend distribution policy is affecting the value of firm in the market eventually then it is considered as relevant. To prove this many finance gurus have analyzed various models. Prof James E Walter was one among them and based on certain assumptions he derived the relevant theory of dividend policy. We here are a group of intellects working in the same direction by providing Walters Model Relevant assignment help to our clients and clear their fundamental views on the topic. Our team consists of prolific writers that are gathered from all around the globe.

What is Walter’s model dividend theory?


This was founded by Prof. James E Walter, who believed that the dividend distribution puts a larger impact on the value of the firm. He, by attaining a relationship in between return rate of interest and capital cost, tried to raise the monetary accounts of shareholders. As per our Walters Model Relevant assignment help team, Walter’s model is based on a few assumptions.

  • They are:

a. The firm always re-invests in new proposals by retaining its earnings only.
b. Rate of return and capital cost are always considered constant.
c. The management takes the decision to either pay the dividends from earnings or to re invest it again internally.
d. The dividends and earnings are not supposed to be changes whatsoever.
e. The firm’s reliability is long and hence it lives a flourished life span.

  • Walter gave a formula to determine the market price per share, which is:
  • P = D/K +R(E-D)/K/K
    P= market price per share
    D= dividend per share
    E= earnings per share
    R= rate of return internally
    K= Capital cost


When R>K, the firm is supposed to retain all its earnings for better investment prospects. If R<K, then the earnings should be distributed as dividends among the shareholders. The above formula dictates that the market price per share is the summation of two income alternatives:

a. The current value of the dividends that are constant
b. The current values of the gains in money

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Limitations of Walter’s model:


Every coin has two parts. On one hand where Walter tried to raise the funds for shareholders, he also received certain criticisms too. By taking Walters Model Relevant assignment help students can utilize the benefit of knowing and applying such factors for clear their fundamental bases.

1. Walter’s model compounds the dividend policy with investment policy. As per Walter no external source should be used for financing the investments and only retained earnings are utilized. But in such cases the dividend policy will hamper itself.
2. Walter kept the internal rate of return a constant. It also gets lowered with more investments
3. With the risk taken by firm the capital cost also changes and hence does not remain constant.

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