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Auditing Assignment Help
Auditing Assignment Help

Auditing is a very vast topic as it comprises of almost all subjects such as Accounting , Corporate Law , Finance , Costing Accounting as well as Managerial Accounting.Auditing , in an easy language is defined as an independent examination of Financial Statement analysis irrespective of size , nature to give an opinion on the Financial Statement of an entity . Auditing is basically doing a check on the authenticity of Financial Statements and this report will than be used by the users of the Financial Statements .


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Doing Auditing is always a tough task and therefore before doing Auditing , students are given majority of learning in Auditing . To qualify for doing Audit , Different Countries has different requirement of Qualification such as :

  • Australia :A Student needs to get Qualified from Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia
  • United States : A student needs to become member of American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • India :A Student needs to get Qualified from Institute of Chattered Accountants of India

Similarly, other countries like Canada, UK, New-Zealand etc. It is because of this reason we employs experts who are not only qualified as per requirements of all these legal bodies but have good on hand experience in doing and preparing audits assignments. Most of our experts are auditors who follows guidelines as per GAAS standards as given in proceeding section.

GAAS Standards for our Auditors to provide best Auditing Assignment help Online

General standards:

  • Proficient and Have Properly Trained
  • Independence in Fact and Reference
  • Professionalism while doing works

Standards of fieldwork:The next three GAAS govern how you actually do your job:

  • Planned and Supervised works
  • Great understanding of Audit
  • Good evidence to carry out Audit

Standards of reporting:

  • Disclosure regarding preparation of Financial statements as per GAAP
  • Proper disclosures explaining numbers
  • Consistent application of GAAP
  • Materiality of Financial positions


Topics  for Auditing Homework Help Online

Auditing Assignment Help is best in as we have experts who holds a degree from all the top institutes such as Institute of Charteted Accountants of Australia ,American Institute of Certified Public Accountants etc and they can help you solve any kind of Auditing Assignment .Experts at Assignment Consultancy can provide help in all topics of Auditing such as :

1) Auditing Standards , IFRS and other Auditing Laws
2) Audit Strategy , Planning and Programming
3) Risk Assesement and Internal Control
4) All Types of Special Auditing Techniques
5) Corporate Governance Franework
6) Liabilities Estimation
7) Audit Report Covering all types of Opinions
8) Auditing of Financial Statements
9) Various Types of Auditing such as Bank Audit , Insurance Audit

Financial Statement Auditing Assignment Help

The evidence collection is through important documents as some documents are necessary while doing an audit of the financial statements of the company. The property of the firm of accounting which is handling the audit part is the working papers. Officially these papers are named as Audit Documentation or at times as audit file. These documents are the proof of the audit procedure which is performed, evidence they got and the result or view the auditor has reached.
In order to give the clear idea about the work they have done (which also includes timing, amount, nature and the result of the performed audit),audit source and its proof obtained and the result they have got, the auditor must set up the documentation of audit in association with every meeting in sufficient and required details. These documents can be recorded on media like electronic media or any other media or may be on some paper. While transferring documentation to some other media, the auditor must use procedures to produce copy of the original document such that the form and content of the copied document is same as in original document.



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