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Statistics is considered as one of the most complex subjects as is one of that kind of subject which can be associated with other subjects like economics, Math’s, Finance and many more. Statistics is regarded as both Science as well as an organization of data. To describe statistics in an easy language, it is a science of collecting the data and then analyzing and interpreting this numerical data in large quantity so that it can be used for the purpose of decision making.


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Fields in Statistics:

Statistics is used by the scientist in various fields of Research. However it can be classified into following 5 fields. They are as follows:

  1. Applied
  2. Analytical
  3. Inductive
  4. Inferential
  5. Descriptive

Areas of Statistics:

Following are the areas of Statistics:

  • Data Collection
  • Chi-Square Test
  • Non Parametric Tests
  • Probability
  • Regression
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Discrete Distribution
  • Bivariate Regression
  • Analysis of Variance

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What do you understand by the term T-Test Statistical Significance?Sample Questions Asked for Homework Statistics

A T-Test Statistical Significance is a comparison between two graphs or groups which almost reflects the real difference between the two population from where data were gathered.T-Test Statistical Significance can be illustrated with the help of an example:

Say for Example, we take data from two Cities of United States such as New York and California regarding the Average Income of per person.  When we collected data of 2 persons each from New York and California, the average income come out to $9000 and $17000 respectively. Again, when we collected data of 20000 persons each from New York and California, the average income come out to $12000 and $16000 respectively and Finally when we collected data of 200000 persons each from New York and California, the average income come out to $135000 and $14800 respectively.

In the present case, the one which would reflect the real difference between the Average income of person of two cities of United States are the Average Income arrived from the data of 200000 people as Statistical difference between two groups would be best estimated from the sample size of the population. The higher the Sample size, better would be reliability on the data.  Thus in a simple language, statistically significant t-test is the one where differences are likely to occur between two groups or two populations because the sample size of population taken is likely to be atypical.


  • What is the meaning of Mean, Median, Mode and Range in terms of Statistics? 

The most common term used in the world of Statistics are mean, median and mode. All these three terms are used to find the average of a Data Set.  All the three ways have different perspective of Finding the average of the data set and any one method can prove to be very useful based on the kind of argument prevailing.

Mean is the simple average of the data available. To calculate the mean, just the total numbers available in the data set and divide it with the total number of data entries. To Explain Mean, we have used simple 5 data sets. 

Illustration 1.1

Serial NumberCountryPopulation
1 United States7200000
2 Australia6100000
4South America4700000

In the present case, there were 5 data Sets Collected. The total population Including all countries comes out to 2, 26 ,00 ,000 and therefore the mean would be total population divided by the total data entries which would be 4520000.

Median is generally the middle number of the Data taken. However, there is one Common set of rule which must be followed while Calculating Median, that data must be arranged in a format either from Highest to lowest or lowest to Highest and if the middle number of data Entry lies between two number than One must take the Average of two number for calculating mean.To Illustrate Median, we will use 6 simple Data Sets which would be as Follows:


Serial NumberCountryPopulation
3South America4700000
4 Australia6100000
5 United States7200000
6 India9200000

Now the middle number of Data Set comes out to be both South America as well as Australia, so we will add both the population and divide it by 2, which would be 5400000. Hence Median for the Data Set would be 5400000.

Range is the measure of the Spread of the data. It is Calculated by taking the difference between the highest and Lowest Data Set.If we analyze the example of Median, the range would be the highest population minus lowest population which would be 7500000.

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