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American Market Association define marketing as the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. It is one of the important management subjects preferable by students to build their career.In order to succeed in marketing as a career, one must have to clear MBA and it requires l lot of difficult and practical assignment to solve. So, students are always looking for service to get guidance or help to get success in this stream which in turn called as marketing assignment help service.

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Relevant Theories and Tools for Marketing Assignment help

Our Expert employs large no. of tools to provide A+ grade assignment to the students. Some of the popular theories that we use are as follows:-

Direct-response marketing theory for Marketing Assignment help:  This theory pointed to the fact that the consumers accessing the online sites have the capability to purchase directly from the house of sellers. Therefore, customers can put across their orders directly to the merchant without any intermediaries being involved. Direct response marketing theory has been phenomenon in providing the right concept and mode of working for the online promotional campaigns. However, the process by which such marketing campaigns can be organised have not been described fully. Many scholars have argued on this view by stating that e-marketing is one type of direct marketing and it is not the only process available to the management of an organisation to reach the potential consumers. Many other scholars also  supported this view by stating that traditional marketing process such as, door to door advertising campaigns and distributing pamphlets with exciting offers and coupons also fall under the category of direct response marketing theory. One of the most advantageous aspects of this theory is that the consumers do not have to go through the intermediaries to reach their desired companies. E-marketing has brought this advantage to the consumers to have a direct participation in the very promotional campaigns of the companies.

Marketing Management Assignment Help
Fig 1:- Direct Response Marketing Theory

On the note, Many scholars have opined that management of the firms have more freedom to choose the type of campaign as, all the campaigns are directed right inside from the organisation. However, many other scholars have reiterated against the term of ‘direct-response’ by stating that any means of advertising has a power of generating direct response from the targeted consumers as, promotional campaigns, be it traditional ones or non-traditional, are beamed directly to the consumers. However, they might of this opinion because of the traditional meaning of direct response but it cannot be denied that e-marketing has brought a whole new meaning to the term of direct response.

4Cs theory for Marketing Management Assignment help: 4CS theory is an important point of view to look at the prospect of e-marketing from a different point of view. The theory constitutes of four pillars such as, consumer, cost, convenience and communication. All these four aspects are important to take a promotional campaign directly to the home of consumers. The first factor, which is consumer, is undoubtedly the most important factor in the aspect of e marketing. It is the perception of the consumers that matters the most as, every entity sells only those products of which, the consumers have need. Many scholars have opined that be it traditional or non-traditional product promotion campaigns, consumers’ demand occupy the first place. Therefore, e-marketing stands on the aspect of providing seamless purchasing experience for the consumers. The second aspect is of cost as; the right product price would attract the consumers to the brand. Pricing techniques vary according to the goal and operational capability of the organisations. Convenience is another factor that dictates the success of e-marketing tool as; the consumers have access to the entire inventory of the company’s right from their home. The aspect of communication is also a positive factor.

Marketing Assignment Help Online- 4C's Theort
Fig 2:- 4C’s Marketing Theory

Relationship marketing theory Marketing Assignment help: Relation marketing deals with the two essential factors namely trust and commitment as this type of marketing is concerned with establishing attachments with the customers by fulfilling their needs and requirements. This is because, it is this loyalty of the customers which in turn would help the business organization to enhance their profit and create a strong hold in the market. This put forward that customer value is influenced by the characteristics of any particular offerings and indicates the trade-offs between the advantages obtained by the customers and the sacrifices made. They claimed that creation of value was a dynamic element to the present concept of value. It is the duty of the business organization to have looked at the value creation with a motive give rise to mutual value that will be shared among the engaged in the relationship.

Viral Marketing Management Assignment Help: Viral marketing is defined as a form of marketing where the internet or social media platforms are used to share message about a company or its brands or products or services. Hence viral marketing needs both social media and e-marketing.

E-marketing + Social Media = Viral Marketing
Oral communication between communicator and receiver in a non-promotional and non-commercial way. Group on internet based applications that allows information flow and exchange of ideas Electronic form of e-marketing where the message about the product or services is transmitted exponentially through social media platforms

Brand Equity Strategic marketing management Assignment help: Brand Equity term refers to the preference of the customers to purchase a product of the brand that is more famous than the other brands which will have comparatively less brand name and value. It tends to believe that the psychology of the people is on a large scale affected by the name of the brand and they tend to make decisions regarding the purchase of the product depending on the brand value and its popularity in the market which is largely achieved through the e-marketing marketing strategy . Further brand image is created due to attributes and these attributes are formed when the customer directly use the product or gain the same information through e-marketing from other people and fellow friends.

Keller in 1993 defined Brand Equity as the marketing effects that can be attributed to the brand name. It means that there are few outcomes that are due to the marketing of the product just because of its brand. Keller also defined consumer base brand equity as the different effects that a brand creates among in its customers as the effect of marketing of the brand. Brand equity is defined as the differential effect of brand knowledge that is created among consumers as the response to the marketing of the brand (Keller, 1993). Brand equity plays a major role when the company is achieving its target and consecutively developing strategies to fulfil their requirements with the help of e-marketing carried across the globe through its products and services.

4P’s Marketing Mix for Marketing Assignment Help : We will explain Marketing Mix using Starbucks as example. Successful business organizations understand the importance of a strong marketing strategy, as businesses nowadays are constantly facing competitions from other business competitors. Starbucks being a globally brand, understand the needs to satisfy customers and sustain growth. From the beginning since the start of the company, Starbucks aim to be different from other company. Not only do Starbucks focus on their coffee and rich tradition, Starbucks marketing strategy always build on bringing connection with their huge customers base. The marketing mix is the set of tactical marketing tools that the firm blends to produce the response it wants in the target market.

Product :-The first `P’ of the marketing mix is the product. The product refers to both physical products and intangible services. Starbucks has always tried to position themselves as the leading coffee powerhouse in the coffee industry. By creating a high standard, introducing innovative products and providing excellent services are the core values that Starbucks apply when they offer their products to the target market. Starbucks use the total quantity management (TQM) to all their products in order to continue enjoying the success they have throughout the years.

Price:-Starbucks has varieties of products which consumers can choose, however buyers have to pay a price to purchases these wide range of products. Price as the second element of the marketing mix is the amount of money customers must pay to obtain the product. Price and quality determines the value of the products. Since Starbucks launched their very first product in year 1971, Starbucks was expensive and was positioned in accordance to the market. Due to the promise Starbucks make to their customers, they always try their best in providing customers with that value.

Place:-The third element of the marketing mix is place, it refers to the activities that company make their products available to the target market. Successful businesses are always able to determine the most effective way to distribute its product by developing a supply chain management system. Starbucks as the premier roaster and retailer of specialty coffee in the world follows this effective and efficient management system. Starbucks emphasis not only on providing customers with best coffee but also a place where customers will find it special, as Starbucks coffee store provide an atmosphere and ambience that allows customers to feel comfortable every time they visit the coffee store.

Promotion :- Starbucks publication of their products, organization, ventures and aim is an essential key in reaching out to their huge customer base. This key refers to the promotion strategy that Starbucks use to communicate the merits of the product and persuade target customers to buy it. By knowing the important aspects of promotion, Starbucks use to organize big community event prior to opening of their coffeehouses. Artworks are being design and printed to free merchandise such as mugs or t-shirts. These forms of promotion are to gain publicity and advertise the Starbucks brand to the whole community.

Market Positioning Assignment Help : Market positioning refers to the value and brand image that the company creates for itself in the market. It also involves market share as an integral part in it. Market positioning is very important in the current scenario as greater positioning in the market is somewhat related to greater market share and it provides the company with the power to dominate its competitors in the global market. However, through the use of e-marketing, all the firms are provided with large number of opportunities to maximize their potential and utilize the resources available to them. When there are many companies striving for increasing their share in the global market, there are different elements referring to the development of similar technology as well as products and services.

Customer Loyalty Marketing Assignment Help : Customer loyalty refers to the using and purchasing of a specific product of a particular company irrespective of the products offered by other companies in the market. It is a form of deep commitment shown by the customers in a particular product or a company. Customer Loyalty greatly affects the switching behavior of the customers in the market . The impact of customer loyalty in achieving competitive advantage for the company over the competitors in the global market is significant. There are different policies developed and retrieved through the functioning of the company in the market. It is through the establishment of resources and ensuring that they are utilized completely that the parameters related to the success of e-marketing in the market is achieved.

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Assignment Consultancy pioneers in writing marketing management assignment for students seeking marketing assignment help. It is important since strategy for writing any marketing management assignment is made on the basis of a complete study of the market like which product will gain a value and what range of buyers will accept the product, understanding of the latest fashion trends and demands according to the season, sizes and suitability of the product or company whose assignment is asked to write for.

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Customer Relationship Marketing management Assignment Help Promotion Strategy Marketing management Assignment Help 7P’s Marketing Assignment Help Marketing management Case Study Help
Marketing Segmentation Assignment Help Product Strategy Marketing management Assignment Help Business Development Marketing Assignment Help Brand Management Marketing Assignment Help
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