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Project management teaches us about preparation, coordination, managing, and commanding the resources to achieve particular targets and goal. A project is basically an attempt with a delimited starting and end promised to attain special targets and aims, generally to add profitable alterations or value to the organization or institutions. In order to ace this subject, one have to go through multiple project management assignments and the help, mentoring or coaching related to those assignments are called as project management homework help.

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We take responsibility to make you learn the actual applications and furnish Project Management homework help with the aid of practical projects. If you are messed up and getting difficulty in learning the project management and searching for help, we are here with best project management help available online. We realize that studies about PMP analyses are a really time taking. We also help in Project Management Dissertations and have some of the best experts for Project Management Dissertation requirements.

Project Management Dissertation Topics

Analysis of Causes for Conflicts in Building Projects and Management Approaches to Solve it

Conflict is something which cannot be avoided as it is the reality of today’s world. Whatever a team does, there would always be some person who would be in favor of the project and some who would be against the project. In fact, Conflict is sometimes good for the growth of the project as it help us in strongly determining the importance of the particular step taken. There are various causes of conflict. Some of the most common are the different interest of different stakeholders, the future uncertainty of the project, and disagreement among various stakeholders.

Approaches for quality management in UK and measures to Improve it

Quality Management has always been given utmost importance in the UK and people have always tried and taken measures to improve it from previous experience. Some of the approaches that were taken by people in past to improve the quality management are being focused on Customer. Customer requirements are given utmost priority and that is one of the reason due to which they are able to satisfy the clients in best possible manner.

Importance and Role of Good Leadership in Project Management

A good leader is a key for the successful completion of every project as a leader helps the team in visioning the project, taking crucial and importance decision at the right point of time and implementing the process of team building and deploying right person at the right job. A Good leader can even run the weak business and make the best out of it.

Importance of Regular Due Diligence in Project Management and taking Right Decisions by Viewing Outside Condition

Due diligence can be of different types and it may have the different meaning for different people. However, in a simple language due diligence means taking steps to identify the risk involved in a certain area. Due to diligence, in terms of Project Management is very important and it is majorly conducted by the investors to check the Financial Risk as well as other associated risk involved in the project . It helps investors to identify the project certainty and eliminate future risk in the project.

Process of Planning and Monitoring in Process Management

This paper analyzes the role of planning in the project management. Planning is considered as the base of any project. Planning involves three things namely identifying the steps to be taken in each process to complete the project, allocating the right resource for completing each step and making plans for all unforeseen and unambiguous situation encountered in the project.

Does Regular Communication has any impact on Efficiency in Project Management

This paper draws attention on the usefulness of effective communication and the related benefits it has, during the process of the entire project or an idea. Communication is always two flows i.e. there must be a teller and at the same time, there also be a listener without which communication is incomplete. However, effective communication means that there should also be action by the listener so that it will increase the efficiency of any particular work.

Regular Project Forecasting and efficient quality Check in Project Management

This dissertation analyzes the role and importance of regular project forecasting and how keeping regular quality check can help in an efficient project. Regular Forecasting helps in knowing the exact status of the project and also puts a regular pressure on the team to work effectively. It helps the business managers to assess the performance of ongoing projects and also gives an idea for the newer project.

Management of Human Resource and Challenges in Project Management

This dissertation gives an overview of process requirement for successfully organizing as well as managing the project team. Human Resource Management includes four steps in the process of Project Management. These 4 steps are often termed as core processes. They include planning the Human Resource team, Developing the project team, Imparting Proper training and developing the team and at the ending managing them effectively.

Importance of Risk Mitigation and Management Plans in Project Management

Risk Minimization is always considered to be the best step in the later failure of any project. Project managers often forget to take appropriate steps for risk mitigation strategies while developing the project. In fact , an analysis conducted by Association for Project Management , London (2012) says that at least 5% of the total cost of any project should be accounted for Risk Minimization Strategies and by doing it , it can save more than 30% of the cost in the later stage .

Role of Information Technology in Project Management

IT has become as an essential requirement for any types of Project. In fact, a well-managed IT in any organizations can give a great result. Because of the development of so many advanced Software technologies, it has made the life of people very easy. IT has contributed significantly to the efficiency of project management as it has streamlined the process of flow of business.

Popular Questions Asked for Project Management homework help Online Services

What are some of the major risks faced by a Railway Construction Project?

  • Political Risks

Political interference is a common thing when someone is working in such a huge project that covers the 70% of the national population. It is general that, such political interferences will influence Route and station selection and timing of certain important events like groundbreaking and opening, etc. but it is difficult to evaluate whether the impact of such influences are Positive or Negative. It is a matter of “value” which engineers and planners do not have at their disposal as government arranged the fundamental policy and these critical political decisions created mental pressure on many engineers, planners, and government officials.

  • Financial Risks

A Project’s Success is totally depends on its Funding Scheme therefore procuring sound funds is very important for any project. For proper project implementation, availability of adequate capital at appropriate time is very important. Build-Operate-Transfer scheme was studied at initial planning but it was discarded because of too much inherent risks. Accuracy of the cost estimation in the project is a very important issue, but it was found in retrospect that, the initial cost estimates which were based on the average of published cost of Japan, France & Germany, were not satisfactory.

  • Delay Costs

Delay cost can also be discussed under engineering/construction risk. It is the most challenging and also the most deciding factor in the selection of this type of projects. Nearly, 80 to 90 % of all these railway projects suffer from this type of risks.

  • Weather Risks

The weather risk actually signifies that some of the works are not able to get completed in particular weather so in order to decrease such risks moist of the work should be completed in suitable weather.

  • Natural Risks

Such big projects are greatly suffering from natural calamities. However their probability is less and this risk can be minimized with the help of insurance.

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