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Community management is the management of common resources through collective efforts by stakeholders and volunteers. A typical common resource consists of a core resource and ex tractable fringe units. The resources are owned in common. Individuals seek to exploit these resources as they benefit by extracting more from the pool before others where as they have no private incentive to preserve these resources. This presents the common pool problem. The common pool problem is a situation where there is competition for goods but they are available for all without any restrictions. This often leads to congestion or overuse. This exploitation leads to depletion of resource and benefits none. Much research is done on preserving the resource without imposing restrictions on stakeholders. It was seen the resource would be optimally used if it was managed well. Thus, community management took shape. At community management assignment help, you have a chance to explore community management in detail. Contact us. Shoot us a query. And benefit from our services.

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Elinor Ostrom and Oliver Williamson did extensive work studying tragedy of commons. They concluded that a good community management is needed to avoid exploitation of resources by stakeholders. Development of open source software requires some form of community management. Wikipedia is another example. In these examples, overuse doesn’t lead to depletion unlike a physical resource but may lead to conflicts if not managed properly. A community manager has to engage users to enrich the resource instead of letting them exploit it. Good community management leads to network effect where a user adds value to another user sharing the resource. Learn more about it from experts at community management assignment help.

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Often a community manager is perceived as a person who is continually creating web pages on Facebook or posting updates on social media but the work of a community manager is more than that. It entails communication, motivation and efficiency, etc among individuals linked together by internet or other means. In a large organization, community management leads to increased synergy. This synergy comes from the efforts of community manager who conducts activities that allow workers to learn and appreciate other’s works and contribute to creation of a sense of well being. To focus the efforts of stakeholders on a common goal, a number of activities are taken up. These activities could include keeping online media ripe with latest information, questions, and challenges or by organizing real life events or contests etc. Thus, there is more to the job of a community manager than public perception. At community management assignment help, you will be able to gain more insight into the world of community managers. Contact us. It hardly takes anything.

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