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Marketing Case Study With solutions
Marketing Case Study With solutions

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Marketing management Case Study Help Details and Approach

The case is about RipCurl Company (RC), which is one of the largest Sports conglomerates of Australia which provides the sports goods and is among one of the big three in the world. It was founded in 1969 and has very good vision to improve the quality and convenience of customers’ related to sporting goods and equipment. It is a private company and is one of the largest sporting equipment groups in the world. This company is well-established in the market with high quality products and positive feedback from the customers. Hence, this case analysis is done to prepare Marketing Strategy of the company using 7Ps marketing tool.

This is one of the important tools to understand the marketing dynamics of the Sporting industry. It must be considered to study the Sporting industry to understand the changing landscapes of strategy related to Marketing for this company.


People are generally the customers which hire the Sporting companies for their works. They are the real supreme in this industry. The Sporting companies must give stress to understand their requirements to gain competitive advantage. It can be done by providing products as per requirements of the customers.


The product or solutions that are required by the customers must be made after doing detailed research. It must include the factors which causes differentiation in their business process. This will help them in achieving efficiency and effectiveness for which they hire Sporting experts.


Promotional activities play an important role in developing business and new customers for this industry. The important aspects of Sporting industry related to promotions are as follows:-

  • Branding – It means to develop brand equity for the company. The current trend is to develop brand as knowledge provider.
  • Advertising – this is to reach different customers through email, brochure etc.
  • Customer relationship – This is to provide the best experience to the customers in terms of services and interactions.


The company must select the price that is affordable and must fulfil the business requirements of the customers. It can be done after analyzing the value that it is going to create for the customers. Commission based pricing is common in this industry as it suits the needs as well as requirements of the customers.


This is the important criteria which must be given importance. It is related to the presentations made by the consultants to the customers. It should be user friendly and easy to understand as customer has different level of knowledge compare to what a consultants have. Hence, the entire packaging of sporting products in this industry plays an important role in developing the brand image amongst the customers.


The next P is positioning. This is important as it brings positive competitions and struggle, and valuable end product on firm performance, which has now a day’s become a major source of attraction for scholars and practitioners. It brings universal remedy for businesses functioning in a frequently changing and competitive environment. The recent scenario and competition in the corporate world is accelerating and more companies are getting involved in this so as to position their solutions to correct customers.


The final P of the marketing mix is people they are the real supreme in this industry. The Sporting companies must give stress to understand their requirements to gain competitive advantage. It can be done by providing solutions as per requirements of the customers.

Promotional Plan Implementation


Considering the high demand in the market, Sporting company will work on advertising the company more and getting our name and positive reputation out to the public. With proper advertising it will increase the awareness and knowledge in the marketplace, and ensure the adequate exposure in the market. The advertising will not only be paper but television, radio, magazines and the internet.

Social Media App

Sometimes it is hard to get in contact with your company weather he/she is with another client or on a venue run. Whenever the customers feel the need to get in contact with their company product we have established an app where they can beep them and say a message and the planner can beep them back or call with responses. This way the client will feel the sense of urgency that the planner has for them, putting them first. Innovative image through consistency of the product and service is one of the main focuses.


The entire analysis shows that how advertising strategy help company in increasing its brand value which is not limited to simply lowering of cost, providing elevated features, or providing better services, rather it has extended its circle to providing acclimatization, better pace with today’s fast running life, elasticity, and novelty, inventiveness etc. With so much competition in market it becomes necessary for business houses to bring too many functions in a single box: highest quality, flexibility, immovability, more type, all these features available at all ranges through the innovative marketing strategy.

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