Best Art Dissertation Topics

Best Art Dissertation Topics


Work of best art dissertation topics tells stories and sometimes simply express the aesthetic truth or emotional feelings

Art is actually a diverse range of activities performed by human in creating and performing visuals, artifacts which appreciated for their beauty and emotional power. There are different and interesting kinds of Dissertation topics in Art. But choosing one from these best art dissertation topics seems to be complex task for students. Dissertation topics in art includes various styles and classifications. There are thousands of company providing a better idea to select dissertation topics in art. Here we provide some best art dissertation topics for students.

Best art dissertation topics
Best art dissertation topics

Five dissertation topics in Art

Arts include broad categories and it is classified into many ranges
Arts include painting, drawing, photography, performance arts, installation and new media. Art has been used as painting since upper Paleolithic age and the used material is earth and plant extract. Their seems a different type that is mixed-media arts that uses a combination of materials. Famous cubists, Picasso and many other had used mixed-media, as it allows artists freestyle creative work.

Role of arts and architecture in the Buddhist period to commence enlightenment
Buddhism art is articulately related to religious one, mainly from the life of Siddhartha Gautama. They used arts as a tool of dharma spread, they flourished and developed Buddhist and Jain art with caves and temple complexes formation. The Buddhist art was mainly started from 1st century, Mahabodhi temple at Bodhgaya becomes a model for structures in many countries like Burma and Indonesia.
Mathura art flourished as trading and pilgrimage center and also takes the shape of institute
This art sculpture was started from Kushan period and extended up to Gupta period that is from 1st- 6th century AD. This mainly consists of male deities especially Lord Buddha and distributed mainly north central India. Mathura Art had taken the shape of institutes like Kushan Art school and Mathura Art school images were made mostly in the mottled red sandstone. Jains and Buddha religion follow this art by constructing numerous pillars, carved caves, build gateways and many more.
Today Arts and culture is known with new name called Contemporary art which encompasses with different forms
Contemporary arts starts from basic that is drawing and painting end takes the advance forms of digital and time based Media invention. These new technology of digital and time based media is accompanied with sounds and graphics. This form of art was firstly started in 1960s, artists done experiments using technology like animation work, computer based work, it also conveys the integral meaning of the work.
Art helps in stimulating Mental stability for Everyone
Creative art plays effective role in stimulation of brain and have many benefits in attaining mental peace. Activities like painting, sculpture, photography and drawing helps in lower down the stress and benefits to be happier and healthier person. Art is a type of meditation and this is medication helps to pushes aside all kind of worries.
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