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Differences in linguistic are very common in the world today. It is actually an issue of increasing social importance as the majority of the people living in the world have different languages and their way of speaking also differs from each other. Arab is no exception (Mukattash, 2007). Arab has experienced and invited immigrants from different foreign countries. This paper will thoroughly excavate the impact of the Arab linguistics on creating the communication and language barriers among the international immigrants.

Research problems

The researchers associated with the study will highlight how the linguistic differences are creating problems for the foreign immigrants to express or convey their messages effectively in front of the others. They will also evaluate how the linguistic distinction tends to isolate the entities of the immigrants in Arab.

Research aims and objectives

The aim of the paper is to find out the impact of Arab linguistics over the international immigrants.

  • To evaluate how the linguistic distinction in Arab affects the foreign immigrants
  • To determine the factors affecting the communication process between the people of Arab and other countries
  • To identify how the linguistic distinctions impact upon the personal entities of the foreign immigrants in Arab

Research significance

The research will excavate the probable barriers of communication caused due to the linguistic differences in the country.

Literature review:

Arab has welcomed several people from the foreign countries and has experienced significant language barriers due to the considerable linguistic differences among the foreign immigrants. The people coming from other countries speak different languages and their way of speaking is also different from that of the Arabs. Language symbolizes the cultural and ethnicity of the people from the respective countries (Humphrey, 1997). There have been considerable interaction problems faced by the foreign immigrants while communicating with the Arabs. Their language and their pronunciations strongly create hurdles in the interaction among the foreign immigrants.

Research methodology:

Research design

Descriptive research design will be taken for evaluating the linguistic barriers affecting the foreign immigrants in Arab.

Research philosophy

Positivism and realism research philosophy will be adopted for this research study. The views of the chosen respondents and the previous data of the researchers will be referred to in the study (Jha, 2008).


Around 100 people, both the Arabs and foreign immigrants will be selected for the study and close ended questionnaire will be raised to them through interviews and surveys.

Data collection procedures

Quantitative data collection procedure will be chosen where primary and secondary data both will be collected.

Data analysis

The data collected will be represented with the help of various charts, graphs, Gantt chart, trend lines, etc. so that proper evaluation can be done.

Expected outcomes

From the research, it can be understood how the linguistic distinctions can affect the well-being of the country. The researchers can evaluate the how the language differences can cause barriers for the foreign immigrants in Arab (Mahmoud, 2003).

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