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The term ecology comes from two words ‘Eco’ and ‘logy’, eco means the environment along with its elements and logy means study. So, ecology is the scientific analysis and study of interaction or interrelationship of organism with their environment. It considers processes that occur at the population, community and ecosystem levels and has a particular focus on biodiversity. Undoubtedly ecology is a vast field that requires basic knowledge on all the subjects like physics, chemistry, economics, biology, mathematics, environmental and many more. Overall it connects basic science to get the core idea on natural system. Students pursuing ecology need to deal with number of assignment for making your job easy. Ecology assignment help service has brought you an instant solution. We will provide solution to you for your queries and solve your assignment problem in ecology.

Branches of Ecology

On the basis of study of organism individually or in group, ecology may be sub-divided into two types- Audiology and Gynecology. Audiology is study of relation of single species with its environment. For audiology studies one must have the knowledge of nutrition, growth, reproduction and development of that individual, while gynecology involves the study of the relation of the group of different species with their environment. Gynecology is often further subdivided into a aquatic and terrestrial ecology.

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