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What is Financial Ratio Analysis Assignment Help?

A Financial Ratio analysis is a financial quantitative analysis of information contained in a company’s financial statements. It is based on line items in financial statements like the balance sheets, income statement and cash flow statements. Financial Ratio analysis assignment help to study the combination of items or ratio of one item to another item then they are calculated. Financial Ratio analysis is a cornerstone of fundamental analysis.Financial Ratio analysis numerical help to evaluate various aspects of a company’s operating and financial performances such as solvency, profitability, efficiency. The trend of these Financial Ratios over time is studied to check whether they are improving or deteriorating. Financial Ratios are usually compared for different companies in the same sector to see how the companies stack up, and to get idea about comparative valuations.Financial Ratio analysis homework help can provide an early warning of a potential improvement in a company’s financial situation or performance.

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What is the value of Current Financial Ratio and Accounting Financial Ratio in analysis of Financial Ratio?

The term current Financial Ratio is used to as liquidity Financial Ratio that measures a company’s ability to pay short-term and long-term obligations.

Financial Ratio Analysis Assignment Help
Financial Ratio Analysis Assignment Help

The current total Financial Ratio considers the current total assets of a company relative to that company’s current total liabilities.
Accounting Financial Ratio is used to measure the efficiency and probability of a company based on its financial reports. Financial Ratio Analysis assignment help also tells about accounting subjects as accounting Financial Ratio is also called as financial Ratio. Accounting Financial Ratio provide a way of expressing the relationship between one accounting data points and another. It is actually to provide a useful comparison, accounting Financial Ratio forms the basis of fundamental analysis. Accounting Financial Ratio actually compares the two aspects of financial statements. This Financial Ratio is used to evaluate the financial conditions of a company which includes company’s strength and weaknesses

There is another term known as combined Financial Ratio, it is the measures of profitability used by an insurance company just to indicate how the company is functioning and performing its daily operations.Financial Ratio analysis homework help to calculate combined Financial Ratio by taking the sum of incurred losses and expenses and then divide them by profit or premium.

Financial Ratio Analysis Assignment help Approach and Example

The approach of our Financial Ratio Analysis Assignment help  can be understood with the help of approach adopted by us in doing the financial analysis of the G.E to using profitability Ratios.
Profitability Financial Ratio Analysis Assignment help Approach

Profitability Financial Ratio Analysis Assignment Help


Profitability ratios are group of ratios which are basically used to determine the profitability of company at various level such as operational and company level.

Operational Profit :It mainly calculates the profit after reducing sales cost and other administrative costs. (Ian, 2013) From appendix 1, it is obvious that G.E maintain very reasonable operating margin of negative to 9% in last 5 years and it is in declining trend viewing the need to increase its operation. It also shows the kind of Pressure Company is facing due to rising costs.

Profit Margin: It represents the earning after interest and taxes. After reducing interest and taxes it is getting the from EBIT profit. It’s in the decreasing style from 9.1% in 2009 to 7.3% in 2013. G.E and requires to take action so that it will give a tough competition to the competitors shell. It is still very low because of strict regulations face by this industry.

ROE: It refers to return on equity that actually means what returns the common shareholders get. The ratio analysis also proofs that it is on trend due to increase in profit. It increases from 16.5% in 2009 to 18.4% in 2013 that means the equity investors will receive more return in 2013.

Inference as per Profitability Ratio Analysis

To analyse the earnings of a corporation with its expenses, this ratio is used. This also help in analysing the actual earning potential of a G.E. It comprise of 4 ratios as explained above. The above mentioned table shows the trend of calculated ratios during last 5 years. It clearly shows that profitability is in decreasing trend due to rise in operational costs. It is because of this reason company will have to resort to innovative methods to control cost in operations such as scientific way to manage inventory, outsourcing some of the operations etc. The detail of profitability ratio analysis is shown in above table.

Need Financial Ratio Analysis Numerical Help?

There are number of companies which provide Financial Ratio analysis numerical help as analysis of Financial Ratio is just done in calculative ways. Our company provides step by step calculation on every financial sums. It is the prior duty of our company to provide students with best Financial Ratio analysis homework help. Our company help student to create their assignment logically and creatively.

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