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What is JAVA Assignment Help?

Programming languages are the path for a computer system to execute various commands provided by user. We all have heard about programming languages like JAVA, C, C++, etc. Well the students who belong to a computer background need to have a deep knowledge over such languages, especially JAVA, as it is one of the most widely followed protocol. Our motto is to provide Java Assignment Help to students who are stuck in the boundaries of academic and personal commitments. We help them research the data and make them efficient enough to deal with the Viva voce with great confidence.

What is JAVA?

Originally generated by Sun Microsystems, Java is a high level programming language released in 1995. It is a general purpose programming language for computers but its class based concurrency makes it popular among other object oriented programming codes. It has been almost 2 decades since the existence of this language but the recent advancements in its version is keeping it intact among the users. Changes such as Enum, Generics and Autoboxing are few exemplary updates that have come makes JAVA the best programming language ever created.
As per our Java Assignment Help team updates, the latest release of the Java Standard Edition is Java SE 8. With advancement, J2EE for Enterprise Applications, J2ME for Mobile Applications are some of the multiple configurations built to suit diversified platforms.

Features of Java

Certain characteristics of JAVA language keeps it exalted. Some of the important features highlighted by our Java Assignment Help team are down below.

• Object Oriented − In Java, everything is an Object and can be easily extended as it is based on the Object model.

• Platform Independent − Java is compiled into byte codes that are platform independent which gets distributed over web to be interpreted by Virtual Machines. This distinguishes JAVA from C and C++ as they are compiled into platform specific machines.

• Simple − Java has the characteristic of simplicity in learning. If the learner have the fundamental knowledge of OOP JAVA, learning JAVA becomes easy.

• Secure − JAVA develops virus free systems as the authentication techniques rely on public key encryption.

• Architecture-neutral − To make the compiled code executable, java compiler tends to create an architecture neutral object file format over many processors. This is done in the presence of java runtime system.

• Portable and robust− Architecture neutral nature makes java portable and its ability to eliminate error prone situations makes it robust in nature.

• Multithreaded – Multi tasking is the feature that users want out of most due to the concern of time consumption and efficiency.. This design feature allows the developers to construct interactive applications that can run smoothly. This feature enables multi tasking in writing programs with java. It turns out to be helpful in developing smoothly running interactive applications.

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Advantages of Java

• It is the simpler most programs to use, write, compile, debug and learn other programming languages.
• It supports automatic memory allocation and garbage collection
• It enables the usage of codes again and helps in creating modular programs
• It is platform independent and able to shift from one system to other easily.
• It is high developed by keeping the security in mind.
• Its stack allocation feature helps the data to be stored and retrieved easily.
• Multitasking features to create smoothly running interactive applications.

Disadvantages of Java

• Turns out to be a little slower and memory consuming when compared to C and C++
• Graphic User Interface written in java is different and low in aesthetics
• It is a single paradigm language.

Where is Java used?

• Development of android applications
• Development of web applications
• Usage of big data management tools like hadoop via java

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