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What is financial statement?


Any document prepared by the finance department of a business or firm, highlighting the information regarding all the financial resources and expenditures is called as financial statement. This document is important to investors, management, public, shareholders and other entities related to the firm in whatsoever manner. By our Limitations of Financial Statements Assignment Help we highlight some of the demerits that a financial statement can out over firm.

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Limitations of financial statements


Financial statements have proven themselves to be a valuable report for utilizing the firm in a direction of constant growth. But the following limitations assorted by our Limitations of Financial Statements Assignment Help team also enlightens about the perils of it:

1. Relying on historical costs: there are certain costs of assets and liabilities that change and do not change with time. The balance sheet holding the valued information on the basis of old values of the assets and liabilities could be misleading for the management.

2. Effects of inflation: the cost of liabilities and assets would term very low if the inflation rate is high as they are not being adjusted for inflation. Long term assets are mostly affected by it.

3. Eradication of intangible assets from sheet: any expenditure done over any intangible asset is directly considered as expenditure and they are not recorded as assets. The value of a firm can dramatically underestimated by such action. Especially for those firms who have a very large brand value.

4. No precision: the data present n the financial statement balance sheet is recorded by the conventional methodology followed by years. Many personal judgments also collide while these statements are recorded. So, achieving a precision data isn’t possible.

5. Ignorance of qualitative information: only monetarily shown quantitative information is processed in financial statements. As per our prolific team made for Limitations of Financial Statements Assignment Help, factors such as reputation of management with society and public, inter-industrial relations, customer satisfaction etc. are also very important qualitative factors that cannot be expressed in monetary terms.

6. No prediction factor: the financial statement is unable to provide what could occur in future regarding the sales and marketing factor. One month a company can earn good and the next month it can go down too. Contract on which the firm was relying could be a major factor of it.

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