Managing Liquid Assets Homework Help

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In financial language liquid asset is known as the accounts or securities which can be easily converted into cash at no loss of value. Managing Liquid Assets Homework Help is one of the most Common homework help requirements of students as they tend to get confused in identifying an asset whether it is Liquid or not.

Managing Liquid Assets Homework Help
Managing Liquid Assets Homework Help

Liquid Assets  accounts and securities mainly includes cash, money in bank account, US treasury bills and market mutual funds. Trade stocks, funds and bonds are called liquid because they are easy to sell, but their price is not guaranteed. In contrast, selling fixed assets like real estate requires some time and negotiation to sell.In a country, liquid assets cover all the financial assets of the Center and it includes cash in hand, cash at bank and the cash investment in various fields to earn income. The income is important for Center’s operation and it also takes care of financial health of Center.

Liquid assets are held by center and it is categorized into three broad parts:

• In case of interest-bearing instruments short, medium and long-term investment is required
• The current accounts which is kept in bank is managed by headquarters which is used to receive income deposits
• Cash floats kept at headquarters and in remote experimental stations, which is used for making small expenditure.

Center manages these liquid assets by treasury operations and CGIAR finance guidelines. It is a set of principles that center should follow for managing liquid assts. The main purpose is to provide information about the good practices in implementing the FG1 principles and it can effectively manages the risk of treasury operation.

Objectives of Managing Liquid Assets:

The main objective of managing liquid assets in such a way that it strikes a balance between:

• It mainly protects against loss
• Ensures adequate and sufficient liquidity to maintain day to day operations
• It help to invest surplus cash profitability
The first two is the most important objectives, in general FG1 provides that the center should conserve the policies.

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