Must Zee TV Case Study Solution


The case of Must Zee TV, as explored by Bharat N. Anand and Tarun Khanna, delves into the complexities of the media industry, focusing on the strategies employed by Zee TV to navigate the competitive landscape. With the rise of digital platforms and shifting consumer behaviors, Zee TV faces critical decisions regarding content creation, distribution, and audience engagement. This analysis aims to unravel the core issues, conduct a comprehensive examination, and propose strategic recommendations for Zee TV’s sustainable growth in the rapidly evolving media sector.

Case Issue

The central challenge for Zee TV lies in adapting to the digital era while retaining its traditional television audience. The emergence of online streaming platforms and changing viewer preferences poses a dilemma for the company. Zee TV must find innovative ways to engage its existing audience while captivating the younger, tech-savvy demographic, which favors digital platforms over traditional television.

Case Analysis

Digital Disruption and Audience Preferences
The media landscape has witnessed a significant shift with the proliferation of online streaming services. Younger audiences prefer on-demand content accessible via smartphones and smart TVs. Zee TV must recognize this trend and strategize to capture the digital audience without alienating its loyal television viewers.

Content Diversification and Quality
Content remains king in the media industry. Zee TV needs to diversify its content portfolio to cater to a broader audience. This involves creating high-quality, diverse content that appeals to various demographics. Investing in original programming, unique storytelling, and engaging formats can set Zee TV apart in both traditional and digital spaces.

Strategic Partnerships and Digital Platforms
Collaborating with digital platforms or launching Zee TV’s streaming service can expand its reach. By partnering with popular streaming platforms or creating an exclusive Zee TV app, the company can tap into the growing online audience. Leveraging social media and interactive content formats can enhance viewer engagement.


In conclusion, Zee TV stands at a crucial juncture where embracing digital transformation while retaining its television audience is imperative. Balancing traditional television strategies with innovative digital initiatives is the key to sustainable growth and relevance in the competitive media industry.

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Digital Content Expansion
Zee TV should invest significantly in digital content production. Developing exclusive web series, short films, and interactive content for online platforms can attract younger viewers. Engaging content that resonates with the digital audience’s interests and preferences is essential.

User Experience Enhancement
If Zee TV opts for its streaming platform, focusing on user experience is vital. Intuitive interfaces, personalized recommendations, and seamless streaming across devices enhance viewer satisfaction. Learning from successful streaming platforms’ UI/UX can guide Zee TV’s platform development.

Social Media Engagement
Actively engaging with the audience on social media platforms can create a buzz around Zee TV’s shows. Interactive polls, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and fan engagement initiatives can enhance viewer loyalty. Social media platforms serve as powerful tools for audience interaction and feedback.

Data-Driven Insights
Utilize data analytics to understand viewer behavior. Analyzing which shows or genres are popular among specific demographics can guide content creation. Data-driven insights can inform programming decisions, ensuring that content aligns with audience preferences and trends.

Strategic Marketing Campaigns
Launch strategic marketing campaigns to promote both traditional television shows and digital content. Tailor marketing strategies for different target demographics. Emphasize the unique selling points of Zee TV’s content, whether it’s emotional storytelling, cultural relevance, or innovative formats.

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