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Computers do not work on their own, although the research on the artificial intelligence technology is aggressively dominating the world. A set of codes is always required to manipulate a computer or any machine connected to it in synchronization. These set of protocols and codes are based on the grammatical rules and vocabulary to instruct a computer what to do. Such codes and vocabulary combine to form a separate language and is termed as programming language. Programming Languages Assignment Help services from our team will make the students achieve the grades they deserve.

Background of programming language


Our Programming Languages Assignment Help team works at its best to give you their services. The first ever programming language was generated to manipulate the computers in the year 1950. Technology hasn’t stopped since and now more than over 500 programming languages have been introduced to design more advanced forms of computers. The short code language proposed by was different to that of machine code in various aspects. John Mauchly in the year 1951, designed a short code including comprehensible mathematical expressions but it wasn’t enough to process faster like machine codes. Similarly, Autocode is another well versed computer language developed in the year 1950 to convert codes into machine language with the help of compilers. Our Programming Languages Assignment Help experts can throw more light on history of programming language as they have worked in the field for many years.

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Objectives of programming language


Without clearing the basic fundamentals, students will not understand the importance of Programming Languages Assignment Help and take it for granted. A solution for this is to clear the objectives that a Programming language can fill.


  • They are


1. It acts as an interface for communication in between user and computer.
2. It defines the pattern a programming language needs to be in.
3. Multi tasking and swapping between various programming language features.
4. To dictate the computer for working in the desired way of user and help in stuffs like data transfer, storage etc.
5. To make the construction and development of software efficient and provide them with more features.

Types of programming languages


Listing down a few of the various programming languages that are in trend these days, our Programming Languages Assignment Help experts give a brief insight about them:

• C language
It is the most common and widely used programming language and also proves to be the building blocks for various languages such as JAVA, C#, Python etc. executing the operating system is the main purpose of C language, with other applications running on it.

JAVA is an object-oriented programming language used for general purpose to operate on the principle of ‘write once and run anywhere’. By this we mean that the ode generated once can run on any platform recompilation. Java application can run in any Java Virtual machine (JVM) because it has a separate byte code compilation.

• C++
It is a type of language which consist object-oriented features of programming. Operating system kernels are designed using C++. It is complied and used in multiple platforms such as servers, desktop and entertainment software applications. C++ is certified language by ISO it is being developed in other version named C#.

• Python
It is a high-level general purpose programming language used to put at ease the overall application. Unlike Java and C++, the language supports read codes and concepts are implicated by adding less code lines.

SQL is also abbreviated as Structured Query Language and is a language for the special purpose programming. Relational database management system is looked by this language and the data is also manipulated with its help due to its in-built configuration of relational calculus and relational algebra.

Despite of these languages our Programming Languages Assignment Help experts are also efficient in java script write-ups and C# write-ups. Contact us to get the benefit of their experience.

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