Tort law assignment help

Tort law assignment help, tort law homework help
Tort law assignment help

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About tort law

Tort is a wrong deed which is mainly done by one party to another. In tort lawman person who got injured due to mischief of another party can take civil action against the one who done the injury. For understanding it better, tort law homework help provide you grand help on the tort law and its various areas which require serious learning. As study of tort law and related topics demands for more concentration and impartial behavior. Let’s clarify the tort law by simple example, as you visit grocery shop and you slipped off on banana that had fallen from a shelf, here you become the victim or claiming party and on the other hand, grocery store is known to be negligent party.

Types of tort laws

There are three types of tort laws which are mentioned below in a very brief manner:

  • Intentional torts
  • Negligence tort
  • Strict liability torts

Intentional tort

As it name implies in this tort law, one person harm the one which the motive and with great intention. There are many torts which comes under this tort namely, conversion, fraud, false imprisonment, bettery, assault, trespassing.

Negligence torts

In this tort injury happens due to action or inaction of another party and it fails to show the type of care one desire for in the same circumstances.

There are few elements of negligence tort

  • The injury caused actual damages
  • Defendant owned a duty of reasonable care
  • Plaintiff suffered an injury as a result of the defendant’s actions or inactions

Strict liability tort

This law is very much similar to negligence law. In this law the defendant is purely responsible for harms even if the defendant was not in the state of negligent.

For more details on these laws, tort law case study help is a right platform to give you more chances to learn about tort law.

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