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Variance Analysis Homework Help
Variance Analysis Homework Help
Variance analysis is an accounting tools, it is the quantitative investigation which shows the difference between actual and planned behavior. This analysis mainly used to maintain the control over a business. Variance analysis also describes as analysis of variance involving assessing the difference between two figures. It is an accounting tool and it is applied in financial and operational data that aims to identify and determine the cause of variance. In the field of project management, variance analysis helps to maintain control over projects expanses by monitoring planned verses actual costs. Effective variance analysis helps a company to spot trends, issues, threats and opportunities for long-term or short term success.

Role of Variance analysis in the field of business:

• Variance analysis is important to analyze managing budgets by controlling budgeted verses actual costs. Financial data are generally assessed at intervals or milestones. For example, variance analysis on monthly basis provides quantitative data about expenses and revenues and remaining inventory levels. Variances between planned and actual costs help to lead and adjust business goals, objectives and strategies.
• Relationship between pair of variables might also be identified when performing variance analysis. Positive and negative correlations are important in business planning. Variance analysis reveals to improve safety features for one product results in sales increase.
• As important use of variance analysis is prediction of business future is called business forecasting.
This forecasting uses patterns of past financial data to construct the theory about future performance.

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