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Australian taxation is a very good subject in business sector and Australia is amongst the highest tax paying countries of the World.

Australian Taxation Assignment Help
Australian Taxation Assignment Help

There are many forms of taxation in Australia. Companies and organizations in Australia requires to pay taxes or charges to all level of government that is local, state and federal government. Australian taxation assignment help people to understand income tax rules in Australia. Income tax is the most significant form of taxation in Australia. Migrating People have to understand the taxation system before they arrive there. But by adopting a few tax saving tips and structuring advice people can establish themselves in Australia:

Some tips and tax advice for Australian taxation system:

For Residency: If people want to become a resident of Australia, or they want to stay at least six month continuous in Australia. Then you have to pay tax for income that you earn in Australia as well as tax you earn overseas. They will a get tax credit card for tax already paid in UK.

Tax File Number: After arriving in Australia you have to apply for tax file number. It can be easily done from Australian taxation office website (ATO) assist. This is needed to open up a bank account, for employment and to file an income tax returns.

Goods and Service Tax: Australia also imposed of goods and service tax. The current goods and service tax is 10%. It is a very complex tax and you must be aware of this tax.

Historical Background of Australian Taxation:

The first governor, Governor Phillip when arrived in New South Wales in 1788, he had the Royal power and instruction that gave him power to impose taxation on the colony. The foremost taxes in Australia were raised to help pay for the completion of Sydney’s first goal and provide for the orphans of the colony. These were the most important sources of revenue for the colony throughout the 19th century. Taxes were raised on beers, cigars, tobacco and spirits. These taxes were the most important sources of revenue. These taxes are also applicable in introducing new industries.

There are different types of taxes and excises implemented on both federal and state level. They are:

• Income-Tax
• Capital gains tax
• Corporate Tax
• Trustees Liability Tax
• Goods and Service Tax
• Property Tax
• Departure Tax
• Excise Tax

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