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The tax code is a federal government document which details the rules individuals and businesses must follow. The tax code is a source for tax lawyers who bear the responsibility of interpreting it for the public. Tax avoidance is the related topic of tax code, it is the implication of legal methods to modify or frame a person’s financial situation to lower the amount of income tax owned. Tax code is the official regulations and system provided and formulated by Internal Revenue Service and it is enforced by American citizens. These rules get changed year by year and are published by IRS.

Levels and Types of United Nations Taxation


US Tax Codes Homework Help
US Tax Codes Homework Help

The United Nations jurisdiction is divided into different levels they are federal, state, local and special- purpose governmental levels. Each level imposes their tax fully or partially for their operations. Different types of taxes imposed by these authorities are property tax, payroll tax. Income taxes are imposed both at the federal as well as most state levels. Taxes on property are imposed mostly as local level. Custom duties or tariffs are imposed only at federal level. Sales tax is imposed by most states and local level government. In US federal wealth tax is imposed by the United States Constitution, mainly it is according to the population of the state. It is one of the type of tax which is considered as direct tax.

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