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The time has gone when computer learning was supposed to be one of the toughest studies. By the help of expertise and extreme dedication, it has been easy enough to crack the problems of computer systems. Computer networking is one of the areas in computer studies where students learn about connecting the computers from different zones to manipulate or share resources with legal access. Students struggle to finish up the assignments on time given by the teachers due to either lack of skills or lack of time from personal activities. In both the terms we come in handy as we provide Computer Networking Assignment Help to students in need.

What is Computer Networking?

A set of computer systems interconnected for a sole goal of resource sharing is called as computer networking. The most common resource that is shared via all the computers in a set is internet while other resources could be printers or file servers. The computers connected over a single network are called as nodes. Both wired and wireless connections are possible either by Ethernet of Wi-Fi. By our Computer Networking Assignment Help student can recognize and understand different types of methods available for connection network to server and other individual networks.

The following can be a list of various hardware required to connect a computer

a. Network cables: are the wired cables such as RJ-45 cable.
b. Distributors: a central body having many ports to connect through each device is called distributor.
c. Routers: a router can provide more than one port for Ethernet connection and also acts as a centralized source for wireless connection or Wi-Fi.
d. Internal or external network cards: also known as network adaptors or network interface cards used to connect a computer over a network.

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Objectives of a Computer Network

As our experts of Computer Networking Assignment Help team admits, there have to be cetain purposes that a computer network needs to fulfill. They are as follows:
a. Performance: the parameters for measuring performance can be:
• Transit Time: the time a message takes to travel from one device to another.
• Response Time: the time elapsed between enquiry and response of the computer.
b. Reliability: the span up to which the network stays secured and works finely. It also calculated the frequency at which the network fails to produce outputs. Reliability reduces with increased number of failures.
c. Scalability: these are the properties that a network should posses to achieve stability.
• Interpersonal communications
• Sharing of resources
• Sharing of files and data
• Security

Basic Communication Model for Networking

The following model has been compiled by our Computer Networking Assignment Help experts to explain the procedure a data goes through to initiate and reach the other end through networking.
• Source generates data
• The transmitter encodes the data in the form of electromagnetic waves
• Transmission systems defines a transmission line or networking source to deliver the data
• Receiver accepts the data and again helps to convert it into the desired language
• Destination compiles the incoming data from receiver.

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