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Homework Helper

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Our Approach as Homework Helper

You can understand our approach through example related to Capital Budgeting Assignment Help case . The detail explanation and approach is given in proceeding sections.

Issue Identification

The issue in this case is to prepare a budget using Capital budgeting tool so as to select the best alternatives to replace existing outdated milling machine. The main issue is to replace it immediately as maintenance cost is on increasing trend.  The final decision to replace existing machine lies with the CEO of the company.

Key Success Factor

The key success factors to replace the old machine in this case are as follows:-

  1. Detailed preparation of Cost Benefit analysis
  2. Appropriate use of Capital Budgeting tools
  3. Analyzing both Qualitative and Quantitative factors before taking final decision

Identification of Alternatives

The major alternative sto replace the existing outdated machines are as follows:-

  1. Build a General Purpose Machine
  2. Buy a numerically controlled milling machine
  3. Buy a general purpose machine

Quantitative Analysis

The quantitative analysis is done by calculating NPV for all the three alternatives by deducting cash outflows from the inflows as given below:-

Option 1

Year 0 1 2 3 4 5
Initial Cost    224,500
Sales    182,813    182,813    182,813    182,813    182,813
COGS      19,500      19,500      19,500      19,500      19,500
Salvage Value             –
Maintenance costs      26,000      26,000      26,000      26,000      26,000
Insurance costs        3,000        3,000        3,000        3,000        3,000
Net Cash Flow   (224,500)    134,313    134,313    134,313    134,313    134,313
NPV    311,771

Option 2

Year 0 1 2 3 4 5
Initial Cost      625,000
Sales    243,750    243,750    243,750    243,750    243,750
COGS      19,500      19,500      19,500      19,500      19,500
Salvage Value      25,000
Maintenance costs      12,000      12,000      12,000      12,000      12,000
Insurance costs        5,000        5,000        5,000        5,000        5,000
Initial Training & labor Cost        93,000
Net Cash Flow     (718,000)    207,250    207,250    207,250    207,250    232,250
NPV      126,504


Option 3

Year 0          1.00          2.00          3.00          4.00          5.00
Initial Cost      295,000
Sales    182,813    182,813    182,813    182,813    182,813
COGS      19,500      19,500      19,500      19,500      19,500
Salvage Value        5,000
Maintenance costs      26,000      26,000      26,000      26,000      26,000
Insurance costs        3,000        3,000        3,000        3,000        3,000
Net Cash Flow     (295,000)    134,313    134,313    134,313    134,313    139,313
NPV      244,674


The analysis clearly shows that NPV is highest in the first case so the company must consider this as its final option.

Qualitative Analysis

The qualitative analysis will be done using the various qualitative benefits company will get from each of the alternatives. From the case it is clear that company has experience of building such machine in the past. So it is better company go with first option as it will help the company to build core competency in building this machine in the long run.


The qualitative, as well as quantitative analysis, clearly shows that company must select first option as NPV is highest in this case and also it will help to fulfil strategic purpose in the long run.


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