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Communication is the key to any relation; let it be personal, professional or social. In the last decade the mediums of communication have been raised with the help of science and technology. Letters and telegrams have been changed to voice calls and video calls. The boon of technology has merged itself with social attributes to provide us the best services. Mobile computing is one of such technologies that have proven itself a sufficed medium for communication through computers over wireless networks. In our Mobile Computing Assignment Help team we deliver the best written assignments to the students who are taking up the courses of mobile computing.

Mobile computing

The transmission of data, voice and video is allowed by the technology of mobile computing via a computer or any other wireless enabled device. This purpose is served without having to be connected to any fixed physical link.


  • From our Mobile Computing Assignment Help students can understand that the technology is based on the following three concepts of


1. Mobile communication: The mobile communication refers to an establishment put in place to make sure that smooth and uninterrupted communication goes on. These would include devices such as protocols, services, bandwidth, and portals necessary to deliver and continuing the undisturbed services. The data format is also defined at this stage to avoid collision with other existing systems offering the same service.
2. Mobile hardware: These are the devices that have the mobility facility and are based on the concept of wireless technology. A few examples can be portable laptops, smart phones, tablet, Pc’s. A receptor medium is installed to sense and receive signals and is effective to do both at the same time.
3. Mobile software: It is the operating system of the appliance and portability being a main factor, it ensures the user to operate from anywhere without any location barriers. It works on the mobile hardware to manipulate them from codes and programs. It satisfies all attributes of a wireless communication network. Our experts are very professional in writing codes for the students asking for Mobile Computing Assignment Help.

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Classification of mobile computing

Although technology is advancing every day, our Mobile Computing Assignment Help experts classify mobile computing on the basic three classifications as stated below:
1. Personal Digital Assistant (PDA): PDA is a portable and operationally simplified electronic organizer that shares information with computer systems. In terms it is an extension of the PC. Synchronization technique via use of infrared and Bluetooth connections is used for sharing information with a computer system. Applications like browsing internet, watching video clips, editing and modifying office documents etc. are some of the services.
2. Smart phones: Here the features of PDA are combined with mobile phone or camera phone. Multitasking feature provides smart phones a superior edge over other kinds of mobile phones. These phones have HD touch screens, continuous access to internet via web browsers and high-speed data access via wireless mediums.
3. Tablet PC and I pad: Rather a little larger in size than smart phones this mobile device is operated using touch sensitive motions on the screen controlled by a stylus or by a finger. Usually light in weight they offer the same functionality as portable computers with good processing horsepower. Editing of files is possible in it and users can access high speed internet, manipulate e-mails, etc.

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