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The collection of data in a segregated and organized manner is called database. The organized behavior makes it easy for the user to identify the location of data required and the process becomes efficient. Simplex and complex database are the two formats on which the database is created. For example a company has so many employees and it becomes difficult to maintain each and every record in an organized manner that too retrievable. Database provides that leverage. In our online services for Oracle Database Assignment Help we describe the topic of oracle database and its functioning regarding the various versions they have launched.

What is oracle database?

For the starters it is a type of Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that consists of Object oriented components having a relational model. That’s why it is also called as Object-Relational Database Management System (ORDBMS). In 0ur Oracle Database Assignment Help we provide the derived explanation all the components of oracle database architecture.

They are

i. Memory structure
ii. Process structure
iii. Storage structure
When in Oracle database the process structure and memory structure are combined they are called as instance. And the storage structure is called as database. Oracle Server is made by combining the instance and database together. After the user initiates a database connection, the server process starts and it performs the database tasks. The architecture also have a memory structure called system global area with which the server process communicates. There are about nine background processes to manage database instance with many files stored on the physical data structure.
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Oracle database versions

Many only are updated about the versions of software they want to use. But to provide a better and global Oracle Database Assignment Help, we keep the updates of every version of oracle database that has been released yet. Down below are some of the explanations about such versions.
1. Oracle version 2: The first commercial based version of SQL RDBMS with the name of oracle version 2.
2. Oracle version 3: The ability to run on many platforms, like PCs, laptops, Mainframe computers etc. was introduced in this version.
3. Oracle version 4: concurrent controls and consistency in reading and identifying various versions were introduced in this version after updating version 3.
4. Oracle version 5: introduced in the year 1985, this version supports distributed system and client server computing model.
5. Oracle version 6: after updating of version 5, this version is the first Pl/SQL language providing backup recovery feature. It also enhanced the disk input/output usage.
6. Oracle version 7: introduced in the year 1992, this version included stored procedure units with a new terminology called triggers.
7. Oracle version 8: in the year 1997, version was released in the form of first object-relational database that helped in large table partitioning.
8. Oracle 8i: by 1999, internet computing was the main objective and this version provided new internet protocols in server side java language.
9. Oracle 9i: in the year 2001 this version allowed multiple accesses to single database including real application cluster in database.
10. Oracle database 10g: on the concept of grid computing, this version was launched in 2003 and proved to be a low cost system. Storage was simplified here by giving an automatic storage management.
11. Oracle database 11g: this version aimed at the adaptability and automation of database system
12. Oracle database 12c: the latest version was found in the year 2015 designed for cloud structures. This reduced the cost and improved the efficient use of IT resources and helped in providing real-time analytics.

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