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Students will complete the case study provided as a comprehensive leadership plan analysis applying concepts learned throughout the course. This paper continues the saga of Joseph Dunn’s leadership at Dunn’s Ski Emporium and The Deli.
You are to help Dunn address his role as relationship builder. Interface the plan you have created in paper #1: The Role of the Leader assignment with a plan for Dunn’s need to address the potential threats to workforce harmony. Emphasize his role as leader and what he can do to build his relationship with his employees so that he empowers his managers and workforce to implement his vision for the company.
The goal of this paper is to have students link the concepts of Dunn as a social architect, change agent, and individual to Dunn as a relationship builder. Think of a relationship builder as a leader who aligns people to his or her vision. Again, students will write from the leader’s perspective.
Remember that in order to determine strategic direction, the leader must look inward, outward, forward and beyond.
Students will create a Leadership Plan

Discuss the role of Dunn as a leader to motivate, empower, create followers, and promote communication;Discuss how Dunn should address cultural diversity within the organization; discuss the areas in the original plan that would require change to accommodate Dunn’s role as a relationship builder.
Discuss how Dunn can use John’s knowledge of The Deli business to his advantage;
Students are expected to be creative but realistic in applying the concepts from the course to expand Dunn’s environment and leadership role.
Required Formatting of the Final Project
This report should be double spaced, 12-point font, seven pages in length excluding the title page and reference page;
Include references with at least one reference other than the course material; Use headings;
Writing is expected to be clear and concise;
Write in the third person
Use APA formatting for in-text citations and reference page. You are expected to paraphrase and not use quotes. Deductions will be taken when quotes are used and found to be unnecessary;
No dictionary or encyclopedia definition or use of wiki files;

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Structure Definition

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Research and Analysis

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Conclusion & Recommendations

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Dunn’s Emporium Experiences Growth
Dunn’s Emporium is going gangbusters and George who owns the deli next door is getting ready to retire. Dunn is in the process of acquiring The Deli. Although most of the local long-time employees at Dunn’s and The Deli have been on board with the merger some employees have never been happy.

The Deli people did not trust the new ice cream manager because of his age. Fresh out of culinary school, John Levitz, at age 22 became the ice cream manager. Ice cream was one of The Deli’s biggest iconic menu offerings. The ice cream is homemade and The Deli offers a special flavor each week. John has big ideas in expanding the ice cream business by having classes and opportunities for customers to make their own flavors.
He is passionate about his job but sometimes rubs the older employees the wrong way. He can be arrogant about his skill. He thinks he is being confident. The chef at The Deli is jealous of the newcomer because he has wanted to change the menu for some time. He thinks that George’s retirement will be the demise of his dreams because the new General Manager that is working with George is not on board with innovation. His attitude is “if isn’t broken don’t fix it.”
However, the new General Manager tells Dunn and George that he is happy with making changes.
Dunn’s sporting goods has had a change of employment as well and a new group of South American immigrants has come to work at the Emporium. Dunn is impressed with the wonderful skills of the workers as they display outstanding repair work and the group’s work ethic as seen by their willingness to work long hours during the ski season is impressive. Dunn’s long term employees agree that the new employees are a good addition to the staff but find working with the group hard because they are not able to understand Spanish and sometimes it creates problems in communicating order information. Also, the group tends to stick together.
They even eat lunch together despite attempts by the other employees to get them to join in with the rest of the group. There seems to be a growing frustration on the part of the original group. What neither the original employees nor Dunn know is that because of the language barrier the new South American employees are apprehensive about being included in the group because they cannot speak English well and do not know how to break the language barrier.
What the original employees do not know as well is that Esteban Enrique has asked to be promoted to the vacancy as head of the second shift in the repair shop. Dunn has concerns that if Estaban is promoted that it might be hard to keep the cohesiveness of the group. He is especially concerned because his nephew who works the evening shift during the off season would like the job. In short, Dunn has to revisit his organizational structure, culture and vision to make the changes necessary to prevent future problems with the business. Further, he hasn’t told anyone but he wants to put in new software to monitor the staff hours, payroll, and business sales. It will make information gathering much easier but will require some staff scheduling changes and authority delegation.
Using your first organizational plan, culture, vision and mission, discuss all the changes that Dunn might consider in keeping his business expansion going strong. Also consider all the leadership challenges that Dunn himself must address in the areas of personal skills, leading change, diversity, knowledge management, office politics and empowerment.


Paper 1
Mr. Dunn has been in the business for a very long time. His business sells and repairs all ski gear. The business on repairs has permitted Mr. Dunn’s business to be known and has loyal clients. Mr. Dunn wishes to grow his business and buy an adjacent business; though, Mr. Dunn has no experience in this field, realizing that securing Deli would accomplish a more prominent place in the trade. This study will include the leadership skills to explain business growth.
For the business, the goal is to satisfy clients. By producing items with better quality, and increasing the variety of products, the company can increase satisfaction levels in the customers. Besides, the goal of the organization involves the development of its market share. This is a for-profit organization, which means, augmenting the profits and sales is also one of its goals. By giving satisfaction to clients, selling a variety of products, at an affordable prices, this will increase sales. Besides, by acquiring Deli, the organization is looking for venturing into the food business. Under the brand of Dunn’s Ski Emporium, clients will be presented with beverages and foods after purchasing from the Deli, this should increase the overall sales.

Developing the role as a Leader
Great leaders should make sure that they utilize the stipulated qualities to make good plans that will assist in accomplishing company’s objectives and goals (Vineet, 2013). Aside from assuming full liability over procedure issues, Dunn is also expected to offer care to his colleagues, and also trains them. Following Kanaga&Kossler (2011), putting empowerment and love, in leadership makes sure elevated performance in corporation. By committing himself to the improvement of their workers, Dunn won’t just fortify leader-worker relationship but this will also result in elevated performance. Dunn can likewise acquire his colleagues’ belief, by making them important and afterward appointing them significant difficulties that count with the associations’ strategic arrangements.
This will help the group produce uncommon results. Nearby esteeming and administering to their colleagues, Dunn can simply limit from threatening them. As indicated by Winter (2003), demonstrating bona fide enthusiasm for the individuals’ advancement outranks installment motivators as the best procedure to rouse them. Pioneers are likewise expected to act in a moral and reasonable path in controlling their groups. A superior situation is just made when the pioneer is fair-minded, advances social assorted qualities inside of the working environment and guaranteeing that the colleagues have the spotlight more often than not. As per Hawkins (2011), pioneers should settle on choices in light of the aggressiveness of their representatives and not social contrasts.

Dunn – Change Agent

As stated by Sullivan (2012), a few leaders dependably think that it’s difficult to adapt to the novel environment. This implies the leader cannot adhere to the starting arrangement yet rather, ought to add to another system that will work with the novel environment. Moreover, high performance in any group does not simply come effortlessly. According to Kanaga et al (2011), a good leader ought to have the capacity to show to the colleagues that he is one of them in fulfilling the gathering errands. Dunn can bring authenticity and vision. When the colleagues understand that Dunn is depending on them for top of the line results, they will have the capacity to perform profoundly.
Dunn can characterize the vision and impart it to his gathering. As stated in Hawkins (2011), numerous associations have dreams and missions only for custom yet don’t generally stick to them. Dunn can guarantee that once workers enter an association, they ought to have the capacity to comprehend the vision well. The association’s vision ought to dependably be a top as the primary propelling component to make colleagues stick to it. Dunn can simply impart the vision to the colleagues, tackle obstacles against objectives, fortify advance and furnish them with the important devices and procedures to achieve the top of the line objectives.

Short-term change
The first stage in this is to arrange the advantages and expenses of securing the Deli. Working expenses, expenses of procuring, and expense of compensating specialists will be incorporated in these expenses. While, fulfilled clients, benefits and in addition, expanded deals will be incorporated in advantages. Subsequent to gaining Deli, choosing whether modifying the shop’s brand name of Dunn’s Ski Emporium is the next change.

Long-term change
Dealing what to do long-term, projects for change incorporate the extension of both Dunn’sand the Deli combined with other ski resorts, the upgrading of typical profession arrange for that will get trained worker in Dunn’s Ski Emporium and Deli.
Vision Statement
“Our vision is to provide our guests with an enjoyable recreational experience so that they will choose to return again and again”
Mission Statement
“We are committed to consistently providing enjoyable recreation, a safe environment, and memorable vacation experiences for every guest and every member of the staff.We will accomplish this through excellence in service, innovation, and anticipation of our guests ever changing needs and expectations. The ability to fulfill this commitment will be reflected in our profitability, continued growth, and the success of our company and each individual”


Organizational Structure

The structure of Dunn’s Vision

The vision of the main ski and food business in Vail, Colorado, which can be achieved by the appropriate business society to it laborers. Society styles, for instance, free enterprise advance commitment among workers and organization. Subsequently, the family culture in Mr. Dunn’s new business would supplement its fare structure. Such culture would recommend the representatives to appear with novel thoughts that are significant for the business. Such thoughts include, presentation of another item or administration, courses for bringing down the expenses of the organization, and methods for pulling in new clients. The society would enable workers by permitting them to take an interest with significant thoughts (Weinzweig, 2015).
In this way the faction society would help to accomplish the business’ main goal. By engaging the workers, they will feel having a place that would help to give and offer an advantageous administrations and results of reasonable and high caliber, alongside offering the administrations in a suitable way. Besides, such culture would urge the representatives to verify that the customers are immediately adjusted, whether it is illuminating a dissention or offering an item.

The Critical Elements
The primary objective is to offer the administrations and items that must be less expensive as contrast with those that are available in the commercial center as of now. This will help with drawing in the new clients alongside holding the old clients. Likewise, it will permit the business for contending better in the commercial center as a contrast with its opponents.
Furthermore, with the aim of staying beneficial, there is a requirement of offering administrations and items over their expenses of generating. Through the mission and vision statements the best possible advancement of the leadership organization and a community society which would support and his investment. Mr. Dunn can rest assured that the basic components would be met, and the organization’s vision will be accomplished and customers will be happy.

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