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What is finance?

Looking for Financial Management Assignment Help Online, you are at correct place. Finance is a field that deals with the study of investments. It includes the dynamics of assets and liabilities over time under conditions of different digress of uncertainty and risk. Finance can also be called as the science of money management. Financial Management Assignment Help and Financial Management Homework Help is Considered to be one of the most important requirement of Students due to wide range of topics existing in this field.

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Objectives of our Financial management  Assignment Help Service Online
The main aim of financial management is to price assets based on their risk level and their expected rate of return. In order to help students, our best financial management help experts are always online. The main objectives of the organization are accomplishes by financial management with its valuable and resourceful management of funds. Financial management is not just a subject to study but financial management is related to our day today life as well. Financial management covers an extensive area of knowledge and it basically covers the following areas:
• Personal finance
Corporate finance
• Public finance
• International finance
• Behavioral finance
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Basics of Financial management Assignment Help Online

Finance is a vast areas and cover multiple topics. In this section, we will discuss few of the popular basics related to financial management assignment help online services. These are the areas which are asked by student in one or the other way related to their finance assignments.
Risk Return Relationship Financial Management Assignment help Online

Financial Management Assignment Help Online
Fig 1: Risk Return Graph

The principle risk and return tells that the potential return rises with an increase in risk and vice versa. Low levels of uncertainty results into low potential returns on the other hand high levels of uncertainty results into high potential returns.Only when the invested money is subjected to a high risk of loss it can give higher profits in accordance to the risk-return trade off.  This is also clear from the below risk return trade-off graph.In the process of choosing investments for one’s portfolio, one must be aware of his personal tolerance of risk because of the risk-return trade off. The price of attaining returns is risk taking. Hence one can’t cut out all the risks if he wants to make money. Hence the ultimate goal should be to have an appropriate balance-that gives you profits as well as allows you to have a good night sleep as per the above relationship. Below are the examples of some of the assets with cash having lower return and lowest risk and the shares with highest risk and return.Recent research studies on investment policies have stated that the nonprofessional investors or the general public investors possess a noticeable tendency to focus on an investment’s return.  In the decision making process in every investor’s mind the risk related to an investment seems to play second fiddle. It is because of this reason they suffered huge loss most time. That’s why it has been told that 99% of the investors suffered loss in the market because they didn’t give importance to this concept of risk return trade off.

Financial Management Assignment help
Fig 2: Risk Return as [per Assets Class
The same principle is applied to mutual fund portfolio’s selection so as to learn the significance of risk-return relationship. In addition to this, explanation to the significance of understanding the concept behind the total return is a key element of investment performance of funds.( Kothari, Shanken, Sloan, 1992) For the measurement of investment risk-return there are a number of highly sophisticated and technical metrics in the investment world. Usual indicators that are used include alpha, beta, standard deviation, r-squared and Sharpe ratio. Hence, one must do proper analysis to select the portfolio as per his risk return tolerance.

One must understand that the risk forms an integral part of investing. For a reasonable return on the investment, risk taking is a must. An asset with no risk will produce negligible returns. A cognizable investor manages the risk taking in an investment very cleverly by recognizing the risk existence and then measuring its degree in any given investment and then realistically analyzing one capacity to afford risk. It is not at all wrong to invest in a high risk-fund provided it gives a high fund-return. One must understand that the risk forms an integral part of investing. For a reasonable return on the investment, risk taking is a must. An asset with no risk will produce negligible returns. A cognizable investor manages the risk taking in an investment very cleverly by recognizing the risk existence and then measuring its degree in any given investment and then realistically analysing one capacity to afford risk. It is not at all wrong to invest in a high risk-fund provided it gives a high fund-return.
Efficient market Theory Financial Management Assignment help Online
The Efficient Markets Theory (EMT) is a theory where all relevant information of an asset is reflected in the price of the assets. It also reflects the price of the share which is one of the most confidential facts of a company. It is discussed thoroughly in the efficient market theory. The principal amount of a company which it invests in making the products gives somewhat estimation of the future transactions or price of the share. The owner of the security expects to receive at least the invested amount. The opportunities of profits represented  by two words “undervalued” & “overvalued”, which motivates the investors  to invest their wealth in the products. Their trading moves rises or downs of the values of the product in stock market. Thus, investment analysts give the correct data on the stocks which make the market efficient and trustable for the investors. Hence, it forms the basis of the efficient market theory that all information is in public and is reflected in the price of the share.

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Financial Management Assignment help Categorizations

Finance plays a very important and crucial role in the industry concerns. Any business happenings are totally depending up on it. Our online experts provide financial management homework help from the beginning level knowledge of a student .We also provide our service to working professional as well. Finance assignments are categorized in two parts:

  • Private finance (includes district, organist ion, business or corporate commercials)
  • Public finance (Concerns with income and distribution of governments like state government, central government and semi-government business entities)

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What is meant by Sole Proprietorship?
When a business is run by an individual at a smaller scale than such ownership is named at sole proprietorship. In a sole proprietorship business all the risk and rewards belongs to the individual owner. Sole proprietorship concept is more prevalent in service sector, for example, an electrician carrying out repairing operations individually is a sole proprietor. He is carrying his repairing business in a small structure business which is featured by providing personalized services. The amount of capital requirement in a sole proprietorship business is also very small that is a person can easily start a sole proprietorship business by putting less of money at stake. Sole proprietorship businesses are featured by 100% risk and 100% percent rewards. In other words, it can be said that in a sole proprietorship business all the risk and rewards belongs to the individual owner or proprietor.
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