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  • To Construct the building for Angel Memorial School Skoti ,UP,India with the population about 1000  schools going girls to provide the quality education in one year .

  • The main objective is Construct the class room
  • To build toilets ,administration block and office

  • To build one girls school building of one village skoti .
  • To provide the basic education of female in village

  • Class Room and Office maintain the standard
  • Recruitment of staff(Administrative and working)

  • installation of project requirement


The local people request to the establish the girls school for education and through the development program


Project Rational

The major issue for girls and parents is that the most near by school between the walking distance of 5-10 km respectively .We want to initiative change this situation and now approach the organization in order to improve the condition of girls who are joining school near by viilage are strategy is construct the block up-to 10 classes for school in girls respectively


Budget Proposal
Project proposal based on charity . Central Government and State Government encourage to girls education we raise the fund from government body. Many organization also supports the Girls education so we raise funds from these organization. Trusties can collaborate the local people  who helps raising fund for girls school. Volenter may come due to the reason of girl  education so local material will be easily available such as water ,sand  that is help to construction of school building.


Maximum fund available provided by government body more than 70 percent. Rest of raise fund provided by local people through the donation
The progress report analysis  day by day with the help Progress indicator tool . Donor and partner ask for  evaluation of progress   report .


Estimation of Budget for Construction Of School Building

Total Month for Building Construction   15 months

  1. Survey for the project : In this phase  complete survey about  estimation of cost and time frame. require 15 days
  2. Design the Blue Print of School building require one month
  3. Approval Time 15 days
  4. Suppose need to construct =5200 sqr feet


Building Number Total Sqr Feet
Class Room  (15×20) feet 8 300*8=2400
 Toilets  (15×5) 4 75*4=300
Library  (15×20) 1 300*1=300
Lab(15×20) 2 300*2=600
AdministrativeBlock (15×20) 1 300*1=300
Staff Room (15×20) 1 300*1=300
Principal Room(15×20) 1 300*1=300

Security Room(10×10)






Total Area 5200 21 5200


Total Required Covered Area  =5200 sqr feet
We assume and analysis per Sqr feet Cost is 500 rs  so that total  cost of construction 5200*500=2600000 rs


S.N Description Area Running Cost Amount
1 Electricity fitting 5200 150 780000
2 Water Fitting 3000 70 210000
3 Severage fitting 3500 60 210000
4 Wodden Works door              30

window  30 almirah          30

Door 3000

Window 2000

Almirah 5000

5  Iron works Two gate 15000 per gate 30000
6 Paint Iron &wooden work 150000 50000
7 White Wash 5200 30 160000


Cost  =17,40000 /-

Total Cost =1740000+260000=43,40000l /-

Time Frame Calculation

Work Estimate Time Delay(30%) Total Time
Prepartine time 2 month 15day 2.5  Month
Construction time 6 month 30 7    Month
White wash 1.5 month 15 2    Month

Water Fitting

1.5 month


7 1.75 Month
Painting& Wooden  Work 1 month 7 1.25  Month

Total Estimated Time  12 Months
We calculate the delay time due to the many factor

  1. Weather Problem
  2. Labour Problem
  3. Material Problem
  4. Managerial Problem
  5. Fund Raising Problem

According to the formula delay time is 30%
So Total Time is 14.5 Month require
The concept of success factor is clearly influence by the issue of optimum match between environment condition and business policy that is related to business strategy . The surrounding environment support to our project because we construct a girl school for education. They cooperate to our project, no issue regarding this project . In this project we have only opportunities not threats.


In our case, Devi Construction is an Indian construction firm which has spread across the major cities across the country. All the steps taken in the management of the construction industry affect the industry either directly or indirectly. In this case the management looks at making sure they have gathered the right data which are effective in making a plan which is suitable to make them score their anticipated success.


Undertaking construction project needs well organized and team. The project objectives should be adhered to the latter to help in the  realization of the ultimate goal of the management. The project is based on constructing a school at UP Sakoti with an estimated fund of INR4340000 with the aim of completing within 15 months duration. The program is expected to run smoothly and in a coherent manner, whereby no department is expected to outperform the other in terms of expenditure and performance. Coordination is paramount and tasks given to each member of staff must be fulfilled. Staff quick adaptation to the new environment will be highly appreciated, and teamwork will be sufficiently rewarded. This is so to ensure rapid expansion of the company and customer satisfaction


The management will be looking at ensuring the project goal of providing quality construct to the customers to their satisfaction is attained. This will be done by ensuring all products are delivered as the order and strict rules will be applied to help attain its intents. The project environment will be made conducive and more attractive to their target customers.



Due to demand of standard construction, we are looking at developing a school building in the region, which will be the leader of all major contractors. The project is driven by the aim of providing one girls’ school in village to facilitate basic education to girls of the village.. This project is looking at filling and make the villagers enjoy the education in a modern facility where they can get all their demand and also boost the knowledge and skills which has not been exploited in the past. The project is a subset of another project fully operating in India.


To work hard in developing and implement technology based school building which will serve educational needs to the people living within the city and those who seeks to attain education from other cities. The project will be managed use of IT based system which will relay information on a real basis services and conduct survey with personally being present.

Business needs
The building will be a source of education for  girls living around and internally. The driving forces behind the project will be making education needs achievable from the market opportunity gaps. From market research conducted by our experts shows that the idea is viable as there are gaps in that sector of education and a classical school building which will do better than the existing ones. The estimated net present value of the building will be INR4340000. According to the research report, if the management plays its roles effectively, they will be in a position of meeting the profitability and development goals easily.

Project management and stakeholder
The building will be managed jointly by the UP education board and the UP State government, and our sponsor. Both parties have a managerial role in making sure the project yields good results across the globe.

Project Milestone
To set up this project to its completion needs an estimated period of 15 months, but since time is used already we will crash some activities and have to be started as soon as possible to complete it within due time limits.


The project budget is estimated to be worth INR 43.4 lakhs. This amount will be used in the construction, setting up of the administration and buying of all equipment’s which are required to make the school to be started. With this capital some will be distributed to both the internal and external activities which are determinant in the success the overall project. Other activities such as running of the project will be funded by the working capital from the rental and other conferencing activities.

User acceptance criteria/quality

The success of the building will be determined by the returns against the operation cost. The returns should be always above the running costs to avoid operating at a loss. All employees and the management body will be working towards the maximum output and at low running cost. Its expansion plans will depend on its returns and they will re-invest to reach the optimum level where it will be able to meet all market needs. Continued research will be maintained to make sure the building will be able to address the emerging needs and opportunities which are of benefit to the business.

High-Level Project Assumptions

According to business idea the company will come up with buildings, according to the contractor needs and they will be delivered. This will be the greatest milestone that our projects will be tested. The idea of using this plan makes it a competitive advantage for the building over the other schools established in the city.

High-Level Project Constraints

One of the major constraints is the time factor. We are aware that there is a lot of time which had been wasted in the first month. We are aware that sometimes the screens can fail to pick as they are required. This means maintenance will be the greatest task our technicians will be facing. We also believe in some cases staff member during such moments will be a big constraint.

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Case Approach

Scientific Methodology

We use best scientific approach to solve case study as recommended and designed by best professors and experts in the World. The approach followed by our experts are given below:

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Structure Definition

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Research and Analysis

This is the most important step which actually defines the strength of any case analysis. In order to provide best case analysis, our experts not only refer case materials but also outside materials if required to come out with best analysis for the case.

Conclusion & Recommendations

A weak conclusion or recommendations spoil the entire case analysis. Our expert know this and always provide good chunks of volume for this part so that instructors will see the effort put by students in arriving at solution so as to provide best mark.

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Major Risks
The construction industry has a number of risks which are directly facing them and they need to make sure they have good plans to make sure they are doing the right thing which makes sure they are steering in the right direction. The various risks are categorized according to their effects to the story building.


Construction is not something to take for granted without observing the security of our customers. The management is dedicated to making sure the results they obtain are based on quality regulations outlined in the industry.  The engineers working on the building need to make sure they are well versed with the regional construction standards. As a result of these issues we are highly prepared to avoid them and comply with health standards. Such as designing the classes in the right shapes which allow good air circulations.

Developing a Revised Project Management Plan and Report to Management

Looking at the project schedules the various phases are overdue and they are not complete yet. The various scheduled have been not been observed as required. In this case, the plan is developing will help in managing the project and reviving the various phases. The management needs to understand that the changes in the allotted time for completing various phases will lead to several changes.
Project Resource Management
To begin with, resources will be used more to make sure the work is completed within the required time frame. Since much of the project time has not been utilized properly, it will also lead to crashing some of the areas to make sure they are in line with the variable time and resources. This means more phases will be taking place at the same time as opposed to the previous framework which had a stepwise strategy of completing the phases and allowing engineers more time to look at the quality and standards used. If the company doesn’t maintain a proper record of their resources they will be committing the greatest mistake which can make them fail completely.
Cost Management

One of the major reasons as to why their operating cost will increase is that extra engineers to be on site will be required to make sure they will be observing what the contractors are doing and not coming to carry their investigations later. This will help in making sure that the work done is done in accordance with their guidelines. This will call for extra resource consumption. Costs within their operations must be in the acceptable range which will make them maker higher profit margin.

Time Management
In order to finish the project within the initial planned time frame the management must be strict with the employees to make sure they are doing the right things as planned. Each activity needs to be performed within the planned timeframe. Proper planning is required to make sure the results are delivered timely. The two critical paths should be relied upon in making sure the project activities which are likely to perform together are done prior to others which need time. This will help in making sure several general rules are crushed. With proper time management the firm will meet the recommend standards and avoid the last rush which could lead to huge losses.
Project WBS

The management of this project needs to come up with a suitable WBS to make sure they are functional and they can attain the required results timely. What the planners need to make is that all activities are broken down according to how they relate to each other. This method is very important in making sure the results obtained are well coordinated and the ultimate results can be made possible by looking at the avenues in the systems. With a good structure WBS the project timeline can be determined. Effective structures are likely to be developed if the professionals are involved.
Project Integration
Project integration is very essential in management. Looking at the various bodies working together needs to be brought together to make sure they are consistent. The project is made up of various bodies and in order for them to achieve the ultimate goal they must work as one system. This will help in minimizing contradictions among the members and increase efficiency. If they integrate their activities well they will enjoy smooth running.

Quality Management
Quality is of the essence, the management must have a team looking at the quality of what they are building. It must put into considerations all elements which make it difficult and through that they will be assured their project will not be at risk of demolition due to poor construction quality. The team working on quality will make sure the actions taken by the contractors are of good faith and the project meets the required quality threshold.

Project Costing, and Scheduling
Costing is a very vital factor in the project development. Each element must be put into consideration to make sure they are successful. The management must work with it and make sure the project is within the budget. All activities attract costly and they need to be taken into consideration. This aspect is very important in making sure the project is within the planned cost. If they happen to exceed the estimated cost they are likely to experience some hitches financially and it leads to delayed completion. One of the major plans which needs to incorporate into making sure they don’t exceed the planned expenditure is that they should be making sure they work with the established costing price list.

Human Resource Management
Most projects end up failing if the human resource contracted don’t know what they are expected to deliver. Looking at the time wasted during the first month we can say that there is some possibility that the human power is not qualified and they are just wasting company resources. We can back up that reasoning by stating that they are earning salaries yet their productivity is falling short of the expected results. In this case we can state that the human resources department must make sure they are working within the right timelines which will help in attaining the required standards. Poor recruitment strategies can lead the company into massive losses.

Procurement process
Moreover, procurement processes need to follow the required strategies. If they are not adhered to well the project can use substandard materials which are likely to lead the company into massive losses. Therefore, the procurement department needs to make sure they are keen enough to know what is happening from the first day till the last day. With proper procedure the materials used will be of high quality and they will score the best results. Poor procurement processes can lead to substandard work.

Communication Strategies
Communication in any project looks like something usual. It’s important for management to make sure they have a communication plan in place. A suitable plan will lead them into suitable resource distribution across the project. Poor communication with workers in a construction site can be disastrous. As the manager in charge I would make sure all persons working on that project need to have clear communication to make sure there are very few cases of accidents. Good communication strategies will help in making work process more efficient.


Project Completion Strategy
Project completion is a vital expectation of by any management, Devi Construction, been contracted to build a School building of Angel Memorial School within the UP Sakoti city. The support we have been issued by your bank is enormous.  We are glad to make this formal report to you as a way of keeping you updated. After reviewing a project we have come up with several steps which will help us complete the project on time. Some of the measures which need to look at are cost controls, procurement process and the general management of the project.
To mention these steps are

  1. Crashing of activities
  2. Changing the time frame of various activities
  • Updating a WBS


The above steps have been taken as a remedy to make sure the project is completed according to its time frame. The manner in which the activities have been outlined in two critical paths we have decided to crash other activities which are of little or no harm to the project completion in order to minimize the activities at the end of the project. Applying project management knowledge in this case we have identified the most effective steps which need to be captured and make the project more compressed and easy to manage.


Each of the steps has a number of benefits; to begin with we are looking at rectifying the time wasted to make sure the completion date is not affected in either way. It’s the role of the management to make sure they are in the front line of scoring according to balance scorecard of the project.


By using more professional there will be more activity taking place which means the expected completion time will be maintained. However, this decision comes with its own disadvantages. The fact that more activities will be taking place simultaneously the cost aspect will be brought to the forefront. When more professionals are hired the cost estimates will definitely change. The management’s idea of hiring more persons the activities will cost more and to some extent the cost can exceed the planned project budget.


The steps which they will employ matters so much on the cost section of the project. Despite that the project will be completed earlier, there are some issues which will expand than planned. When more professionals are brought in the expenses of hiring professionals will increase as more people will also accompany them to help boost their project efficiently.


During crushing also the activities affected will result in making the project more efficient. Efficiency will come at a cost. The project budget might be exceeded and this can lead to delays. However, due to effectiveness, we will make sure the activities are revalued often to make sure success is attained with the benchmark. The management has considered this move as the only suitable manner in which they can make meet the deadlines.


As I conclude there are several factors which must be considered to make sure the project is successful. When making decisions one needs to understand the theory behind their project’s success and come up with a suitable idea which will help in boosting quality and time management.


Suitable employees need to be hired to work on a project like this one. If human resource department fails to do that, they will definitely be wasting the company resources. The engineers on the site are useful and must be utilized well to meet the needs of the company. In our case, the management wants to stand a fair ground when making decision. We are sure that when planning, we need to have a strategy of meeting the best results. If poor plans are used the project will definitely fail, but if they are wise and implemented effectively they will get the best results. In our case, we are convinced that the project will be successful because the right measures have been considered and evaluated before being adopted. The struggle to complete the project one month before the completion date will definitely be achieved and also they will get the results they are considering effectively.


Project success depends on factors revolving around it and also the project integration of all staffs. It’s the role of the management to make sure they are in the front line in decision making.


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