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Investment Report

I was given $100,000.00 to invest in stocks, options and future. The objective of this report is to analyzed how my investment are doing in the midterm. I choose to use the investing strategy through the course of this project. My midterm profits are $3,628.50, 4.60%, all my investments performed better than I expected. As a result of my small allocations within the portfolio the international and development economy stocks was not ignored within the portfolio. I decided to invest my current assets to reflect a very defensive position with low volatility investments. I primarily hold them for extended periods of time because I would better be able to see the effects of my initial choice in terms of losses and gains.


It is an investment portfolio composed of four different stock, from which 3 are from U. S. based companies and one is from foreign stocks. The amount invested in each is different and should not exceed the total allocation amount for this project. This portfolio has been monitored for the last four weeks for any possible average percentage change in the stocks’ prices.


The following table shows the portfolio performance for the four-week period of investment. For each day there is a change in the stock price that reflects on the amount invested. Fortunately, the portfolio performed better that I expected with a gain of $3,628.50

Date Cash Stock Portfolio Value Account Value
6/4/2016 $21,013.04 $82,535.50 $103,548.54
6/3/2016 $21,013.04 $82,857.50 $103,870.54
6/2/2016 $21,013.04 $82,255.00 $103,268.04
6/1/2016 $21,013.04 $81,737.00 $102,750.04
5/31/2016 $21,013.04 $81,502.65 $102,515.69
5/30/2016 $21,013.04 $81,502.65 $102,515.69
5/29/2016 $21,013.04 $81,502.65 $102,515.69
5/28/2016 $21,013.04 $81,502.65 $102,515.69
5/27/2016 $21,013.04 $81,082.50 $102,095.54
5/26/2016 $21,013.04 $80,587.00 $101,600.04
5/25/2016 $21,013.04 $80,886.00 $101,899.04
5/24/2016 $21,013.04 $79,795.00 $100,808.04
5/23/2016 $21,013.04 $80,049.00 $101,062.04
5/22/2016 $21,013.04 $80,049.00 $101,062.04
5/21/2016 $21,013.04 $80,049.00 $101,062.04
5/20/2016 $21,013.04 $78,945.00 $99,958.04
5/19/2016 $21,013.04 $78,472.50 $99,485.54
5/18/2016 $21,013.04 $78,100.00 $99,113.04
5/17/2016 $21,013.04 $78,938.00 $99,951.04
5/16/2016 $21,013.04 $78,706.00 $99,719.04
5/11/2016 $100,000.00 $0.00 $100,000.00
5/10/2016 $100,000.00 $0.00 $100,000.00
5/9/2016 $100,000.00 $0.00 $100,000.00

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The following table is a detailed analysis for each single investment.


WMT WAL-MART STORES, INC. 150 $66.48 $70.87 $10,630.50 $658.50(6.60 %)
CGA CHINA GREEN AGRICULTURE, INC. 1500 $1.29 $1.53 $2,295.00 $360.00(18.60 %)
FAF FIRST AMERICAN FINANCIAL CORPORATION 1000 $37.30 $38.13 $38,130.00 $830.00(2.23 %)
PMT PENNYMAC MORTGAGE INVESTMENT TRUST 2000 $14.85 $15.74 $31,480.00 $1,780.00(5.99 %)
  Total $82,535.50 $3,628.50 (4.60 %)


From the above table it is clearly seen that all my investment had a positive performance, with the Future investment having the highest percentage. According to Wall Street China Green shares soars 33.77 to $3.05 in morning trading Friday after the company reported it fourth’squarter results.(Wang, 2016) China Green Agriculture primarily produces and distributes humic acid based fertilizers and other agricultural products.


Walmart Stores Shares raised almost 1% Thursday, after they announced their new inventory survey plan using drones, plans to use drones in its U.S.-based warehouse(Saintvilus, 2016)


My financial stocks with Pennymac had grown and have solid financial and operational performance that is reflected in the increase of their mortgage production pipeline.  I have to take a closer look at the First American Financial Corp. stocks that ended on Friday with a (0.961%) decrease in price.
At this point in the term, you have bought stocks, related calls and puts with different strike prices and maturity dates.   As well, you have bought some futures contracts.

The ADDITIONAL objectives of the second part of the project are

  1. Set up different trading strategies using stocks and/or indices and options.
  2. Calculate implied volatility and compare with real volatility.


For Objective 1, you need to do the following

  1. Using one of your stocks and the corresponding put,


    1. create a protective put trading strategy to protect ALL of that one stock that you have bought;  If you do not have total coverage, then only cover the number of stocks based on the number of put options that you have bought.
    2. using Excel, calculate the payoffs at different price levels;
    3. draw a graph of the payoff; and
    4. summarize what you did and what was the result/benefit of the protective put.



  1. Repeat 1 above for a bull spread trading strategy using calls.
  2. Repeat 1 above for a butterfly spread trading strategy using puts.
  3. Repeat 1 above for a straddle trading strategy.
  4. Repeat 1 above for a strangle trading strategy.


For Objective 2, you need to do the following


  1. Take ONE stock and find the implied volatility for each of the 8 weeks.  Use Derivagem to do this.
  2. Convert them to annual implied volatilities.
  3. Calculate the real volatility for the past year, using standard deviation.
  4. Compare the implied and real annual volatilities.

Note that, like the first four weeks, you will show and discuss the performance of each individual instrument and the total portfolio for the entire 8 weeks. Ensure that you provide conclusions and lessons learned.


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